Back in the Groove

Ah, well, it’s back to work again. Normally I’m anxious to get back from breaks, suffering from boredom and whatnot, but this was definitely a much-needed break. I skipped to Theory class full of energy and ready for the day this morning, so I think I’m recovered and ready to go.

Things are looking up in other ways, also. The situation is this: I’m pretty sure that every single computer science major in my class is double majoring. As such, the comp sci department has gone to great lengths in scheduling classes to make sure they can accommodate everyone. They sent around a tentative course schedule this morning to the comp sci classes so we could look for conflicts. Amazingly, none of the classes I need to take conflict! It’s a miracle! Now I can only hope that no one else had a conflict that would force them to change things around >_< Honestly, though, I am very grateful that the comp sci people are being so helpful. Not only were they concerned that computer science classes would conflict, but also other classes for other majors. I guess it's a bonus for going to a small school, or something. So in the fall I'll have to take Compilers, Operating Systems, and then Northern Mannerist and Baroque Art (my last art history class I have to take!). Then I'll have my schedule open for whatever I want. I'll probably do an independent study in glass, as I'm pretty sure at this point that glass will be my focus (though I really want to take another painting or drawing course, I don't think I'll be able to). I was also considering taking first level ceramics, so that I'll have every crevice of the art program at Centre covered before I graduate. Then there's room for a class for fun, something pass/fail maybe. Perhaps I'll take a Japanese course, which would certainly be helpful if I decide to apply for the JET program. I want to take another anthropology class, Language and Culture perhaps (Eric says it's really fun). They don't offer that until next spring. I could break my trend of being a drama person without having taken any drama classes and take Design I. Or maybe a music class. Or maybe I can face the facts that I love chemistry and take one of those. Weeee! How refreshing ^_^ Now I just need to find a roommate for next year and I'll be set!


Mmm, back at school again, but the break is not yet over.

Yesterday was very pleasant. Brendan came to visit me, and we rode about in the pleasant weather. We went to the art supply store, so I could pick up some microns and a new kneaded eraser (is it just me, or do kneaded erasers get lost easier than any other art supply?). Then we stopped by Great Escape to fulfill our inner geeks, and lounged and browsed among the comics for a good while.

We both broke our vow to each other to not let the other buy anything, and after stopping by home to pick up our art supplies, we went to the park to sit and read and draw and…sit some more. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and lazy and wonderful.

Later, Ken came to join the visiting, and we grilled out and had steaks for dinner. Will, Evan, and Samantha stopped by after that, and we just sat around and digested, and then headed back to Danville. I got my site updated this morning..

and later today Ken’s taking Brendan and I to Brendan’s home. I was originally going to just stay here by myself, but Brendan invited me for a visit (which is a good thing, too, I have a lot less ramen than I thought I did, I surely would have gone hungry! ^_^)

On Arting

So I’m reading this book, right? I’m reading along, and over this passage:

“He looked at his hands. They were large, strong–and yet unweathered, as sensitive and delicate as an artist’s hands.”

Now, when I read a book, I read right through, stopping only at chapter ends or when exhaustion overtakes me. But this time, this little passage caused me to stop in my tracks. I set down the book, and took a good look at my hands (which I recommend, I mean, how often do you look at your hands?)

I guess, with all the arting I do, that makes me an artist. But unweathered? Delicate? I don’t think I’d ever use these words to describe my hands, even though I *know* they’ve been used to describe the hands of an artist, in more cases than just this book.

My hands are used hands. They’re rough, calloused, and dry. They’ve born hundreds of nicks and cuts, burns from exploding glass or carelessly plucking up heated tools. In spite of all my caution, they’ve been saturated, I’m sure, in oil paints and mineral spirits and other nasty chemicals you really don’t want seeping into your body. They’re often tired things, frequently dirty–especially after arting–and hurt (again, especially after arting). I really should take better care of them…

…but that’s not really the point, I think. Who got the crazy idea that an artist’s hands are “delicate?” Or maybe I’m just thinking of “delicate” in the wrong way. I guess many artists have a delicate sense of control with their hands, especially with a large painting, or with throwing a vessel, or even handling glass. I guess that’s accurate, but I’m not sure if that’s the definition the author had in mind.

It brings up somewhat of an art major stereotype which people have conveyed to me: the artist who wanders fashionably about and engages in deep, philosophical, “arty” conversations, and who create art on dramatic inspiration and this and that.

Art majors aren’t like that! At least, here they’re not (well, Emil has that “arty” sense about him, but still). Sure, it’s not terribly hard to spot an art major on campus…they’re the ones who are constantly covered from head to toe in filth–paint, charcoal, clay, general art barn scum. They are tired people, who generally work too hard, and don’t linger every waking moment in the studio for their image of an “artist,” but because the physical work necessary in churning out their art requires them to do so. They are often exhausted and broken, and tend to neglect themselves, and are worn from pumping so much of themselves into physical objects.

Of course, this could just be me. Perhaps my view is skewed? Any input? I know you Centre people read my journal! You’ve told me, so comment! Comment I tell you! Tell me if i’m right about this.

In the mean time, ursulav wrote This nice post about art. It’s a good read.


Spring Break thus far has been absolutely exquisite. I have done nothing. Sweet, pure, absolute nothing. I’ve been reading The Worthing Saga, which Brendan lent me long ago. I like it, but I would probably like any book at this point, just because it’s been so long since I’ve had a moment to read for leisure. I love having those days where you read late into the night, only to wake up early the next morning for the sole purpose of lounging about and reading all day.

I think this is just the recharge my body needs. I’m already feeling much more refreshed and pleasant, and I think my body is getting plenty of rest. By Monday I’ll have created enough relaxation reserve to last me through the rest of the term.

As a side note, I find it particularly annoying when you’re at a meal, and someone offers you a dish, and you say “no thank you,” and they interpret that to mean “no, I don’t like it”, and respond with such things as “but it’s good!” or “but I thought you liked _____!” It drives me up the wall! Is this a normal family thing, or is it just mine that does it?

Of jobs and funks

Brendan got accepted into a grad school, which is totally awesome. So, to celebrate, we wandered to Walmart to buy a whole log of cookie, and baked them in the toaster oven. Then the four of us (Brendan, Ken, D Flo, and myself) devoured every one (except for the last batch, which I stopped paying attention to while watching Homestar Runner on Flora’s computer, they were a bit burnt when I remembered).

I also gave Brendan a little glass cup, in congratulations, and also for him helping me clean the glass studio. Slowly but surely, everyone seems to be climbing out of their respective funks. I accepted the job at Berkshire, which was the last of my burdens. I promptly got sick after being relieved of the March madness, but I think I will recover nicely over spring break.

There is one disadvantage to the Berkshire job…I will not be able to take my computer with me. That means a 3 month hiatus from the internet, with brief checking-in’s for email, and to hopefully update this thing. It also means that I will not be able to go to Conglomeration, the con which I sold my art at last year. If I can arrange for someone to manage my stuff, I may be able to mail some art in, but I’ll still miss hanging out with the afd kids. Perhaps there is a possibility I would be able to make it down, but somehow I doubt it. The internship sounds very time consuming.

It will be my first summer where I’ve spent the entire break away from home, so I’m a little nervous about it. However, I won’t be alone. Jeff, Squirt, and some other Centre folk also got jobs and internships at Berkshire for the summer, so I’ll have friends about. I guess, all in all, it will just be another experience ^_^

Gruh x_x

Aeros was today, and since I only worked load in and load out, I got to watch the show. It’s pretty much a show of Romanian gymnastics, and it really makes one appreciate the full range of movement of the human body. Very cool.

It’s been a rough week, mainly due to the piling of decisions that need to be made. I was expecting it to happen, and tried to prepare for it all of February, but it’s still wearing me down. My room is filthy, full of piles of dirty laundry. It bothers me when I get so busy I neglect my cleanliness.

I guess the worst part is that I’m too busy for this, I have too much stuff to do for me to be in a funk. I think I’ll really be fine, it’s just that my body clock is all messed up and I am overwhelmed, and thus emotionally frail…so much so that when I got back from the load-out, I was planning on hunting down Brendan to hang out. Seeing that he was not online…thus meaning he’s gone to bed, I was so upset that I started crying. Ridiculous! It’s probably just messed up sleeping and eating patterns.

It hasn’t all been bad, though, I got the job offer from Berkshire. I’d gone to see Matthew several times to talk about the job offers and just fretting over how this summer is going to work in general. He helped me out, but as I was leaving his office on Friday, he told me that I should really consider the implications of this job offer, and that I should see about taking some time out of my schedule to celebrate. I’d never thought about that, I guess I was just so busy with the decision-making that I overlooked it. Tomorrow will be very busy as I attempt to catch up on work once again, but I’ll try and make a little time for myself.

It’s Time for Another: Good Idea, Bad Idea

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Mark, announcing that The Musicman, the biggest road show the Norton Center has ever had, was coming. 6 trucks (as opposed to the standard 2) and instead of starting load-in at 8, it started at 6…and ran until 5 that evening. It sounded grueling, but I thought it would be a good experience, and signed up to work both load in, load out, and the show.

Then I remembered this show would happen two days after we got back from SETC x_x

I’m on the props crew this time, and though I love electrics, props has been fun so far. I’ve never worked the show before, but it was lots of fun. It wasn’t full of crazy stressful cues, but there was enough going on that I wasn’t sitting backstage bored out of my mind. Last night went really smoothly, and tonight should go even moreso I think. Plus, in spite of working aaaall day yesterday, I still finished my take-home test in discrete math with no problems.

However, Mark came up to me again and asked if I wanted to work Aeros this Saturday. I promptly agreed to, but now I’m thinking that wasn’t such a good idea. I’m exhausted, I should’ve saved that day to rest. But, the load in and load out won’t be that long or complicated, and I could use the money. I’m really glad that spring break is so close, I’m going to need that whole week to recover.

Anyway, as promised…
SETC wrap-up