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Updates and such

Why do the funniest damned things always happen to Stephen?

Thanks everyone for birthday wishes! It was a brilliant birthday full of fun.

I got to puppy-sit for Brendan and Maria for the beginning of the week. Brenna and I had tons of fun, and Brendan needs to take and post more pictures of her! She is the cutest, and we only have pictures of her up from when she was a little puppy, and also that time we threw her in the pool a lot.

In other news, I get to go to Folsom, California next week, but it is for training for work. I will likely only see the hotel room and the training classroom the whole week, bleeeh. My boss, however, did let me install WoW on a work laptop such that I may preserve my sanity during a week of learning huge, complicated pieces of new software.

Miniature Golf

Last night, DC, Beth, Brendan, Scott and I all went to play miniature golf. This was quite pleasing to me, as I love mini-golf in such a disproportionate amount compared to my skill at it.

Nevertheless, I still came in second place, which was very surprising to me, as the best I hit the whole night was a 3, I think. I tend to have Happy Gilmore syndrome, in that I can launch the ball well enough to get it close to the hole on my first shot, but putting is impossible for me.

Highlights of the evening included DC stepping into a pond, Brendan hitting the ball so hard that it violated the space-time continuum and teleported onto the next green, me nearly taking out DC with my follow-through swing, and me apparently doing some matrix-like move that involved rocking up on my toes just in time to let a ball speed under my heels.

Afterwards we putzed around in the arcade and won enough tickets to get 3 super balls and 2 Chinese finger traps.

An evening well-spent.

New Art! And Random Pictures

New Art!


That’s the first chunk-o-art I’ve hacked out in awhile. It felt rather good. Meanwhile, I was going through my dump directory on my website, preparing to clear it out, but I keep running across brilliant little gems that I just can’t throw away. Check some of these out…

I actually don’t remember where I found this, or where it came from, or what it is even from. But it speaks for itself.

There is a perfect word to describe the expression on Nikko’s face, but I can’t come up with it.

It was only this past Halloween that I carved Dinogirl (from the LKJJ Trailer) into a pumpkin, and I totally forgot about it!

Okay, that’s enough of that, but I might share a few more another time.

Flash-piece art!

Once upon a time, Nate the Master Electrician went to the mall. He stopped by some store or another owned by an Asian couple. The store sold luggage or some such, but it also had little toys up at the front that you could buy for kids.

One such toy was a coloring page. It was a fuzzy page of black line art that you could fill in with colored glitter–a fairly typical toy. However, Nate knew something was amiss when he saw the toy was not called “Glitter Art”, as might be expected, but “Flash-piece Art.” After figuring out that “flash-piece” was a translation of “glitter” from another language to English, Nate turned the toy package over to read the instructions. And this is what he found:


He immediately purchased the toy and brought it back to the theater to share, and we all learned new words like “fundus”, “exiguous”, and my personal favorite, “tridimensional”.

(if the “I obviously used some computer algorithm to translate this” instructions weren’t funny enough, I also got a laugh over the fact that it was a coloring page for a picture of Snoopy–a completely black-and-white character)