Graduation is over, I am no longer a college student. Actually, I am no longer a student, period. This will take some getting used to (probably won’t realize it until the fall when I don’t go back to school).

Having Carleton around during the time of pre-graduation chaos was wonderful, and having him around during post-graduation relaxation is even better. I feel very inspired to do the cleaning, unpacking, stuff-purging bit.

So much to do, but now I have so much motivation to do it! It will surely take me a week alone to unpack and clean and get organized, but that won’t be without regular resting and visiting breaks (Dave, Ken, and Brendan, prepare thyselves!)

I think the summer will be good.

In other news, D Flo and I are the masters of Taboo (mogui! mogui!)



I got a props internship at Long Wharf Theatre in Connecticut which I had applied for in early April. It is very exciting for me, and is another wonderful load lifted off my shoulders what with not having to worry about what I’m going to do next year (That, and I can now officially answer the neverending questions of “So what are you going to do after you graduate?”)

The senior art majors defense was today and went quite well. I was able to form coherent thoughts and sentences even though my face was continuously trying to slide off. Lots of people showed up to the opening and it was really fun, I got a lot of great compliments on my pieces and on the show in general (and I made a trade for one of Augustine’s paintings! Yay!) I’ll be sure to post pictures once I get them.

Tonight was also the Jr/Sr drama dinner at Tony’s. It was very pleasant; I got a sock puppet as a gift and learned how to play Cricket (sort of).

Overall, things are going awesomely, with the only damper being that I am very very sick. However, tomorrow after my algorithms final I intend to take some cold medicine and sleep for about 3 days.

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!

Senior Art Exhibit


Opens tomorrow until graduation

Reception for the artists is this Friday, May 14 from 4-6 (that’s when the food and partyin is).

Come and see what Nick, Augustine, Dawn, Kelly and myself have been slaving away on all year!

Ben Folds

I’m not ready for crunch time yet!

Saw Ben Folds last night, and I am happy to add yet another cool person to the Order of People who Constantly Have to Push their Glasses Up on their Nose. *pushes her glasses up on her nose*

The show was fricken awesome, and it was a nice break. Plus, I got the lightboxes in for my show yesterday. Technically, I could dawdle about and work on my pieces here and there, because the show doesn’t go up until Tuesday, but my goal is to get everything completed today.

Plus, I still have to think of titles for my pieces! I’m a horrible title-thinker-upper. I had to force myself to come up with 2, because I talked about them in my artist’s statement which was due on Thursday. Someone think of titles for these two, maybe they will inspire me to think of titles for the other 11 pieces:

Grind Grind Grind

Sorry for the weepy interlude, things really aren’t that bad. I’ve put off ever single task I need to accomplish in order to work on finishing my show, and as such I’ve been at the studio most of the day, taking a short break now to rest my arms (by doing what? Typing! Good call, Lisa)

I keep hoping that if I work late enough, a mysterious elf-like creature will appear and offer to magically grind and polish all of my pieces in exchange for my first-born child.

(then of course I would trick him by adopting all my children! HAHAHAHA!)

No luck yet. Oh well, back to the grind. You’ll know where to find me..

A weepy ramble

A little over a week of classes left, and I am too swamped to appreciate the whole “I’m going to graduate” thought, or to take some time and say goodbye. I feel awful.

I have been a severe hermit this year, and it’s been pretty rough because of it. I miss you Centre kids, and I’m sad I won’t have any time to hang out before I leave forever.

Is anyone sticking around senior week?

Strother, your DDR stuff is still stashed over here, don’t forget it!

Is there a drama junior/senior dinner this year or what? I helped do dishes last year, dammit I want food for me as repayment, haha!

You guys are awesome, I’ll be more specific someday. Bad timing for me to get all sentimental and sad…well, back to the grind (literally)