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Old pictures

Cleaning my room never works. I always find something to distract me, and in this case it was my stack of photo albums. I really haven’t been taking enough pictures lately.

I plucked out some of my very favorite pictures I’d taken to share with the world. They are all old, though, so chances are you’ve seen them before. But still.

Working at the LSC was probably the first place I learned that hugs fix everything. Even grumpy ‘ole Howie the Humpback Whale can’t really resist. Thanks for everything, Marsh!

The 2000 Vice Presidential Debates at Centre turned the entire student body into raging savages. No, really.

A sign in Wales. I thought the stinky lines coming off the poo were a particularly nice detail, just as an explanation, you know. So many people see signs and wonder, “Why? WHY no fouling??”

One day, me and Jen were hiking, when we stumbled upon a near-disaster! Jen, because she is a good-hearted superhero, threw down her bag and rushed to take care of the situation. To this day she keeps the forest safe from imminent smooshing. Good ‘ole Jen.

No story, really, I just like this one.

I could have included a gallery of SETC pictures from that one year, but this one is nice enough. Hooray for cuddle puddles.

Okay, that’s enough of that. My room will never be clean!

2003 Year-end review

Hooray for 2004! Time for the 2003 year-end review…

-2003 rolled in with winter term, rebuilding the furnace, and blissful blissful free time. Sitting quietly and watching D Flo, Brendan, Eric, and others play Gauntlet for 12-18 hours each day was like heaven. Heaven I tell you!

-Spring term was quiet front-loaded, and I remember most of the beginning was spent preparing for SETC, which was a great and fun experience. I’m really glad I went, and hope to go again this year.

-Getting the job at Berkshire was a great relief in the spring, because it meant I had no foreboding worries about the summer. It was also helpful that my scheduling for school worked out perfectly, and that I was able to get my first choice in campus housing for the next year. That spring term really was apologizing for all the hard stuff I’d had to do before, I think.

-The summer and The Berkshire Theatre Festival. I’m so glad i took that internship; I learned so much, had tons of fun, and that’s where I met and developed my initial friendship with Carleton.

-Fall came around and school was tough, but I started dating Carleton, which was a big deal for me. Like, it goes down in the “Notable events of Lisa’s Life” section.

-New Year’s Eve. Hanging out with Brendan and Maria. Playing video games. I always have a rough time at New Year’s parties, because I don’t drink, and many of my friends who do would rather do that than sit and play video games. This year I decided to have fun, and I feel bad for not seeing Darren or Will, but I will see them again, and I actually had fun this year! Woohoo!

2004 is looking out to be scary and exciting, as graduation and for-really-real life is right on the horizon. I’m ready for it, though, i think. Hope everyone has a great year!

It’s Time for Another: Good Idea, Bad Idea

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Mark, announcing that The Musicman, the biggest road show the Norton Center has ever had, was coming. 6 trucks (as opposed to the standard 2) and instead of starting load-in at 8, it started at 6…and ran until 5 that evening. It sounded grueling, but I thought it would be a good experience, and signed up to work both load in, load out, and the show.

Then I remembered this show would happen two days after we got back from SETC x_x

I’m on the props crew this time, and though I love electrics, props has been fun so far. I’ve never worked the show before, but it was lots of fun. It wasn’t full of crazy stressful cues, but there was enough going on that I wasn’t sitting backstage bored out of my mind. Last night went really smoothly, and tonight should go even moreso I think. Plus, in spite of working aaaall day yesterday, I still finished my take-home test in discrete math with no problems.

However, Mark came up to me again and asked if I wanted to work Aeros this Saturday. I promptly agreed to, but now I’m thinking that wasn’t such a good idea. I’m exhausted, I should’ve saved that day to rest. But, the load in and load out won’t be that long or complicated, and I could use the money. I’m really glad that spring break is so close, I’m going to need that whole week to recover.

Anyway, as promised…
SETC wrap-up

SETC Adventure, Part 1

Well, I’m back from SETC *twitch*, it…was…awesome. I’ll have to write about it in manageable chunks, so look for updates and…eventually…pictures.

Tuesday night we gathered behind the Norton Center to begin our journey. My car (consisting of Will, Adam, and Dave Clark) jumped the gun and speeded ahead of the group, acting as scout, and calling the other cars to warn them of monsters, UFOs, a Big Otter, and other such dangers of West Virginia. We managed to grind out most of the trip and made it to Maryland to spend the first night. It was just a 2 hour jaunt to DC the next day ^_^. Anyway, we got to our hotels, got settled in, greeted Matthew and Jeff, registered, and…rested? Hardly. Part 1…

The 24-hour short play festival

Almost here…

After making out this week’s schedule (which consists of today and tomorrow) I don’t know if I’ll manage to squeeze in an entry before we leave for SETC tomorrow night, so I’ll just do it now. Between the two early tests I have to take before I leave, running to get my resumes printed out, my glass slots, and classes, it’s going to be a busy two days (especially since my normal rest times will be filled by early packing). We leave for Arlington, VA tomorrow night at 7:30, so I’ll have just enough time to pop out of my glass slot at 6, grab a bite to eat, then meet up with the drama crew.

I’m very excited, and I’m glad of that, because I’m also exhausted and am feeling a lot of pressure to get my work done. I’m going to try and rest up as best I can tonight, and I might not go into work at the slide library tomorrow morning, so I can work on a take-home test for Discrete Math.

Anyway, I promise to not be sick on my trip and have loads of fun at the convention. I’ll have lots of pictures to post upon my return I’m sure ^_^


Last night after Brendan and I finished theory homework and when Flora was done with rehearsal, we all went to Walmart for some SETC supply shopping. It really got me excited and in the mood for SETC, I can’t believe it’s already next week! We’ll be leaving Tuesday night, in fact. I bought a nice bag to carry things around in, since I don’t have a purse, and I’d rather not lug my clunky backpack everywhere. I don’t buy new bags often, but when I do, its first hour or so in my possession is usually spent by finding stuff to put in its pockets. Squirt dubbed it a stage manager’s bag, and I guess that will be true, since I’m participating in the 24-hour play festival as a stage manager.

Although I’m preparing as best I can, I know missing two days of classes will put a big dent in my efforts to keep up, even though I feel I’m currently ahead of myself as far as classwork. Still, I’ve talked to all my professors, and they don’t seem to think I’ll have much of a problem. I’m going to try my best to not worry about the missed work and to enjoy the convention. Jeff was explaining to me how the Job Contact event works, and his enthusiasm got me excited in turn. He’s going to help me finalize my resume today.

So, all my nervousness is dripping away and being replaced by excitement. This weekend I’ll devote to getting ahead in my classwork, and making sure my scholarship application to Corning will be ready to send the minute I get back in town. The rest will be packing and preparing and hopping about in excitement.

Oh, let’s just face it, I can’t wait ^_^ My parents even got me a 128 mb memory stick for my camera as a present! How nice! Expect pictures, muahaha!.