Mmm, back at school again, but the break is not yet over.

Yesterday was very pleasant. Brendan came to visit me, and we rode about in the pleasant weather. We went to the art supply store, so I could pick up some microns and a new kneaded eraser (is it just me, or do kneaded erasers get lost easier than any other art supply?). Then we stopped by Great Escape to fulfill our inner geeks, and lounged and browsed among the comics for a good while.

We both broke our vow to each other to not let the other buy anything, and after stopping by home to pick up our art supplies, we went to the park to sit and read and draw and…sit some more. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and lazy and wonderful.

Later, Ken came to join the visiting, and we grilled out and had steaks for dinner. Will, Evan, and Samantha stopped by after that, and we just sat around and digested, and then headed back to Danville. I got my site updated this morning..

and later today Ken’s taking Brendan and I to Brendan’s home. I was originally going to just stay here by myself, but Brendan invited me for a visit (which is a good thing, too, I have a lot less ramen than I thought I did, I surely would have gone hungry! ^_^)