About Me

mantisI am an independent game designer with a passion for development streams and game design education through streaming. I also have a curiosity for peculiar and clever input mechanics and a love for games that are incorporated into themed entertainment.

Originally from Louisville, KY, I spent my younger years as a volunteer at the Louisville Science Center, which is where I cultivated my enthusiasm for engaging, interactive, and educational museum exhibits. I often used my skills and interests from other areas, such as art, storytelling, and my love of games, to enhance the exhibits for the guests.

I used my undergraduate experience at Centre College to explore and expand my skills in many different areas, and I believe my liberal arts education created a strong foundation for my later career choice of game development. I divided my time in college between blowing glass, computer programming, building props for the theater, drawing comics, and playing and creating games.

After graduating in 2004, I spent time as a props intern at Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut and as a web applications programmer for Assumption High School in Louisville, KY. I also produced and animated for a small group animation project. I received my Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, and have since moved into game development fulltime.

For 6 years I was a designer at Insomniac Games, working on such titles as Resistance 3, Sunset Overdrive, and the open development experiment, Slow Down, Bull. During that time I also became heavily involved in speaking to students, participating in game jams, and generally getting myself entangled in the indie space before they assimilated me.

Game Designer