Typin with the left hand tonight.

I burned the crap out of my hand today in glass. The first time was when I grabbed the pipe too far on the wrong end where the metal was still hot. The second was when I accidentally bumped my thumb against the hot glass itself. And yet I kept working, I *had* to finish the piece. I would be as the great artists, sacrificing my body for my art, for my creation. And through the experience I learned an important lesson…

…Sacrificing your body for your art is STUPID!! Stupid stupid dumb dumb dumb.

::lathers aloe all over her fingers and whimpers incredulously::

Casualties of Drama

Friendship is very important to me, and I suppose that can be said true for most people. Keary told me once that I take my friendships very seriously, and I guess that’s true as well.

So when your friend walks through the door looking so wounded that they seem to cringe with each step, the only thing I really want to do is hover about and nurse their injuries and shower them in comfort and wish that they were very small, so I could stick them in my pocket and protect them from the world. And, I suppose, I do my best…but it’s rather difficult when the source of pain is so muddled and confusing that you really don’t know what you can do to help it.

It’s as if your friend has some horrible disease, cirrhosis of the liver, perhaps, only you don’t know they have it. Or perhaps, you know they have it, but don’t know what cirrhosis of the liver is, or don’t understand it or how it works. So the only thing you can do is comfort them and care for them and wipe the blood from them, but you can see that it’s something inside of them which is causing them great suffering. But you don’t know how, or what exactly, and you don’t understand how to fix it.

So you sit and wait and hover about and hope that *they* understand it and know what to do. Altogether, it makes you feel a bit on the helpless side.

I am fortunate and grateful to have as many wonderful friends as I do, I suppose I need to make it a point to tell them how important they are to me. I’ll have to do that today, or soon.

Electricity Eeeeelec-tricity.

Crew meeting today. I work for Jeff, who can juggle flaming sticks, in electrics. I used to be afraid of Jeff, he was one of those sorts who I couldn’t tell if they were joking or really seriously angry about something, but I’ve come to learn that he’s harmless. Mostly harmless.

I like working in electrics, hanging and focusing lights is great fun! This year, I’m board op (trained monkey) which is something I’ve never done before. It means I’ll have to donate a week of my life to the theatre department, but I think I have my schedule under control, it’ll all be good. And I have plenty of practice pushing buttons, I knew Halo would be good for something!

Speaking of which, Squirt has joined the Krew. I need to draw her up. It’s very strange, I never really hang out with her, but she’s lots of fun. Weird how that is.

I love you Brendan!


Flora makes the best frickin spaghetti on the face of the earth. If the Olympians ran out of ambrosia, they would eat D Flo’s spaghetti. If pasta was a society, then his spaghetti would be God. I plan on obtaining the recipe soon ::dons ninja garb and backflips out the window.

Drama, Colored Pencils, and Road Trips

This has probably been the craziest, messiest, drama-filled schoolyear yet, and it’s only a few weeks into the year! Madness, all the time. It’s terrible, but every time I feel a little sad or lonely or confused, I just look up and around and say “Ye gods! I’m glad I don’t have to deal with *their* problems!” O.o Ultimately, I’m trying to do my best to keep out of the fray and provide relief, comic or otherwise, for those involved.

I’m also getting back into my art swing, slowly, and I did the unimaginable and picked up some colored pencils. I’m terrible with them, very sloppy and impatient, but I took my time with this and it turned out better than normal. Next up, I want to give these markers I try, they’ve been laying around untouched for years.


The weekend wasn’t dull at all, and I haven’t heard much on the enviro-theatre crew’s trip to Tennessee (except a phone call saying “We’re in Gatlinburg!!”, when they were certainly *not* supposed to be 5 hours away, and another one later saying “We’re in North Carolina!!” O.o;;; They got home safely, so all is well).

I also got an extension for my comp sci project, which I now have completely under control. A good weekend, but over much too quickly, as always.

(starfallz-you still up for that sock?)

Wanted: One Sock

So I was going through my sock drawer, looking for a sock without a mate. I need a sock to cut up and transform into a protective forearm covering for glass, and you know how there’s ALWAYS that sock in the drawer with the missing pair. Well, not today, every sock was perfectly mated, the first time in nearly a lifetime. What the hell is up with that?? Fates playing games with me again.

Anyway, I need a sock. So if anyone out there has an interesting sock with a lost mate, but just *can’t* throw it away, I can give it a good home and a noble job protecting my arm from the heat radiated by molten glass.

The only qualifications, it has to be 100% cotton, as any polyester will melt and adhere to my flesh, which is generally considered a bad thing. It also has to be long enough to cover most if not all of my forearm, so long socks are good. And if it’s an interesting or cool lookin sock, that’s a bonus.

In return, I’ll make you a little sumpin-sumpin in glass, like a cup or a little animal or something. Any takers?

::sits against the wall with a sign, “Will blow glass for socks”::

I hate leading zeros

Ultimately, I suppose it’s been a good week. Discounting a few things, of course, like the fact that I did not finish my comp sci project that’s due tomorrow. When I have to make a decision between pulling an all-nighter to get something done and not getting it done, I opt for sleep, it’s more important. No worries here.

Meanwhile, Kay, the hard core grad assistant at the studio who happens to be my glass partner, convinced me that instead of dividing up 4 3-hour slots to half an hour each, we should each take 2 slots and work the whole 3 hours. My first long slot is tomorrow, we’ll see how it turns out x_x

This weekend has potential to be very nice or rather dull. A large chunk of my friends, namely Sam, Will, Meghan, and Flora are going to be off to some enviro-theatre conference, while Ken and Evan go to Louisville.

I’m trying my hardest to convince Brendan to have a sketchbook party with me Saturday night, since we’ll be the only ones about. Brendan is my hero.

Friday, even he will be gone, so I’ll be all by myself. No worries, though, i need some time to myself to get some things done, me-time is always nice to have. So it seems the weekend will balance on the thing line between pleasant, calming rest or boredom, we’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, Ken has joined the fray.

Will Johnston Doesn’t Believe in Binomial Nomenclature…

Tonight we had auditions for Shenanigans, the improv troupe of which I belong to here at my college. It was a great bunch of people, very talented, very witty, and a million times better than last year’s audition lot. Until this I’ve never been in a position where I had to take part in the casting process of something, and it’s quite tough!

Narrowing it down was a tough call, and we let many people go to “simmah in da pot” for a year, in hopes that they’ll try out again next year when all the Shenanigans seniors graduate this year.

They were good. Better than me by far, and sometimes I *still* wonder why I’ve been kept in the group up to this point. I don’t consider myself particularly quick-witted, all of my humor comes in 10 minute blocks at the very least. Granted, I’ve had my moments, I was particularly proud of my 1 minute speech on Polly Theism, but I just don’t know. Perhaps I’m good to play off of? I don’t know.

So, our goal is to beef up our performance frequency, and after this year the infamous Will Johnston will turn the project over to D Flo, and then we’ll have to find capable hands to leave it in after we graduate…

…after we graduate. Good God, I’m graduating next year.

::runs to the bathroom to hurl::

How pecuuuuuliar

Someone asked me through another person why I had them blocked on ICQ, and I said “What? I don’t have ICQ!!”

That must mean there’s actually another Wertle out there! Multiple Wertles! How exciting! I’ve never met another Wertle before. I wonder who they could be?


2014 Lisa Commentary: Oh, early-livejournal, so full of random observations. I still wonder this kind of stuff all the time, I just don’t tend to write about it at length. Or at least, twitter has become a much more suitable repository for random one-off thoughts nowadays. Meanwhile, look at how I used to draw, haha! It only took me 12 years to learn to get rid of all unnecessary details 🙂

Why are packaged foods so much less appetizing when they’re smashed? I mean, there’s really nothing wrong with them, they’re still in their sanitary little plastic wrapping, and at most suffer from some mild pre-mastication. But when I pulled the squished oatmeal pie out of the bottom of my backpack I instinctively grimaced with an “Ewww, yuck.”

Of course, after some reflection, I went ahead and ate it, and it was still as tasty as it would have been without my calculus book sitting on top of it for most of the day. And yet, I’ve also been known to eat potato chips that had fallen on the floor of the glass studio, or chase a kiwi down a flight or two of stairs before I caught up with it to eat it.

It could just be me.

Meanwhile, plasma grenades suck.

Special thanks to Brendan for being a walking, talking onomatopoeia thesaurus