Gruh x_x

Aeros was today, and since I only worked load in and load out, I got to watch the show. It’s pretty much a show of Romanian gymnastics, and it really makes one appreciate the full range of movement of the human body. Very cool.

It’s been a rough week, mainly due to the piling of decisions that need to be made. I was expecting it to happen, and tried to prepare for it all of February, but it’s still wearing me down. My room is filthy, full of piles of dirty laundry. It bothers me when I get so busy I neglect my cleanliness.

I guess the worst part is that I’m too busy for this, I have too much stuff to do for me to be in a funk. I think I’ll really be fine, it’s just that my body clock is all messed up and I am overwhelmed, and thus emotionally frail…so much so that when I got back from the load-out, I was planning on hunting down Brendan to hang out. Seeing that he was not online…thus meaning he’s gone to bed, I was so upset that I started crying. Ridiculous! It’s probably just messed up sleeping and eating patterns.

It hasn’t all been bad, though, I got the job offer from Berkshire. I’d gone to see Matthew several times to talk about the job offers and just fretting over how this summer is going to work in general. He helped me out, but as I was leaving his office on Friday, he told me that I should really consider the implications of this job offer, and that I should see about taking some time out of my schedule to celebrate. I’d never thought about that, I guess I was just so busy with the decision-making that I overlooked it. Tomorrow will be very busy as I attempt to catch up on work once again, but I’ll try and make a little time for myself.