Back in the Groove

Ah, well, it’s back to work again. Normally I’m anxious to get back from breaks, suffering from boredom and whatnot, but this was definitely a much-needed break. I skipped to Theory class full of energy and ready for the day this morning, so I think I’m recovered and ready to go.

Things are looking up in other ways, also. The situation is this: I’m pretty sure that every single computer science major in my class is double majoring. As such, the comp sci department has gone to great lengths in scheduling classes to make sure they can accommodate everyone. They sent around a tentative course schedule this morning to the comp sci classes so we could look for conflicts. Amazingly, none of the classes I need to take conflict! It’s a miracle! Now I can only hope that no one else had a conflict that would force them to change things around >_< Honestly, though, I am very grateful that the comp sci people are being so helpful. Not only were they concerned that computer science classes would conflict, but also other classes for other majors. I guess it's a bonus for going to a small school, or something. So in the fall I'll have to take Compilers, Operating Systems, and then Northern Mannerist and Baroque Art (my last art history class I have to take!). Then I'll have my schedule open for whatever I want. I'll probably do an independent study in glass, as I'm pretty sure at this point that glass will be my focus (though I really want to take another painting or drawing course, I don't think I'll be able to). I was also considering taking first level ceramics, so that I'll have every crevice of the art program at Centre covered before I graduate. Then there's room for a class for fun, something pass/fail maybe. Perhaps I'll take a Japanese course, which would certainly be helpful if I decide to apply for the JET program. I want to take another anthropology class, Language and Culture perhaps (Eric says it's really fun). They don't offer that until next spring. I could break my trend of being a drama person without having taken any drama classes and take Design I. Or maybe a music class. Or maybe I can face the facts that I love chemistry and take one of those. Weeee! How refreshing ^_^ Now I just need to find a roommate for next year and I'll be set!

3 thoughts on “Back in the Groove”

  1. I’ve noticed this phenomenon of people double majoring in CS. It’s even more pronounced in math; I only know one single-majoring math major!

    1. Maybe that trend is at Centre, too, as a lot of the comp sci majors are also math majors. I guess math is easy to double major with, because it can apply to so many different things.

  2. Hi there!

    Hello, Wertle! I didn’t know you had an LJ too! Nor did I know you were in CS, that’s cool.

    I was wondering if you’d mind terribly if I friendlisted you. We’ve known each other off and on via DT, and I’d be honoured to have a friendly face and a fresh perspective on life grace my friend list.

    *makes puppydog eyes, that look out of place on a feline*

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