Postcards and Pupils

You’d think that postcards would be one of those things that’s easy to find. Not so. I scraped all over the city looking for a place that sold Louisville-themed postcards for the activity, and after I finally got a lead from one of my Kempo friends, I had to go to the evil Hawley-Cooke-eating Borders to get some. Got them all sent out today, though, was fun.

I’m taking a break from working on my Comic-con contribution. I think I’ll manage to get it finished on time, but yikes do my wrists hurt.

Eye appointment today, I’m really excited. I know that sounds lame, but my eyesight has deteriorated quite a bit since my last examination, and getting new glasses is always an incredible experience. I can’t wait to be able to see the leaves on the trees!!

In other news, it was estimated that 100,000 houses in Louisville were without power after the storm on Tuesday (not me!). The meteorologists get so excited about tornados, but when these straight-wind storms come through, they are much more mellow, in spite of the damage being much more extensive.

Oh well, if any Louisville-peeps are without power, you can come over to my house to eat hot food or do laundry!


Point of order #1: Things that were really funny when they happened that I totally forgot about and then was suddenly reminded of. Specifically, “Science is so cool, we’re replacing the word ‘cool’ with ‘science’!” I’m going to miss going to SETC with the Centre kids next year.

Point of order #2: And I apologize in advance for this, but, I MISS MY BOYFRIEND *sob*

Point of order #3: Artstuffs, selling artstuffs, and commissions. So far I’ve only ever done 2 commissions (3 if you count the T-shirt design I did for CentrePeace), both special cases for one person, who was a friend, which helped in working out how to go about doing a commission. I’m half-wondering if it’d be a good idea to take commissions now and again. I know the basic “bewares”, such as not taking on a bunch at the same time and getting burnt out, and getting payment things worked out and such. I dunno if I should do commission auctions, or just have flat rates for particular mediums, or what. I’ve done pretty well auctioning off the occasional piece of glass on ebay, and this year will be the first year at Conglomeration that I have 2D art so we’ll see how that goes. Just pondering over whether it’d be a worthwhile thing to try out or not.

Pre-holiday weekend cleaning

I bought the Triplettes of Belville yesterday on a whim, I think everyone is entitled to an impulse buy now and again.

This weekend we (my family) are going over to Virginia to help my aunt move into her new home. Her husband is in the army, so they and my two cousins have played the move-everywhere-across-the-world game for quite some time now, starting out in Germany, then New York, then Houston, then back to Germany again. They are finally finished and coming back to the States for good now, much to everyone’s excitement (the entirety of my mom’s side of the family lives here in Louisville, so it’s been somewhat of a strain on them to have a family member so far away all the time. Granted, Virginia isn’t exactly down the street, but it’s closest so far!).

My mom went up there with my aunt earlier this week to help paint, so today I am clean clean cleaning so that when we come back my mom won’t freak out at how dirty I let the house get, hehe! It’s also for myself, though. As much as I hate to admit it, the dirtier and more cluttered my room gets, the less inspired I am to do work. My work on my puppet and new painting have dwindled this week because of how much stuff is strewn across my room. I guess it’s not a terrible thing, at least it will inspire me to clean a bit more often.

Whenever my room is freshly cleaned I am inspired not only to work on current projects, but to start like 10 new ones (I suppose it’s some entropy-driven urge to dirty up the room again). Maybe next week I’ll start building another mask to sell at the con, or maybe some little sculpey dragons.

I really hope I can finish this new painting I started for Conglomeration, because I think it will be a nice one. We’ll see, I guess.