And the tally for scares at tonight’s annual family Haunted Yard.

3rd Place, Beth, with one crying child

2nd Place, Ken, with two crying children (and an assist by Dave)

1st Place, Scott, with 4 crying children! I knew bringing home that Wolf’s Head I made in Massachusetts was a good idea.

Li’l Kitty Jam Jams

Grah! I couldn’t stand my horrible custom theme anymore, so I went back to the default one until I can get some design sense under my belt.

Anyway, I glossed over this in my Atlanta Trip post, but I feel like it deserves a little more than a passing mention.

So, since the winter, and like February or something, I have been helping Will with his “super secret project,” of which I’m sure many of you have heard me refer to. It has been good fun times and a ton of work. We spent all summer creating an animated trailer for an idea for a series.

I started out as purely a web lackey, and then turned into the producer (which just means I’m a stage manager, without the stage). And then I was taught how to animate. Anyway, the trailer isn’t totally finished, but it is certainly getting there. You all should pop over the website and check it out

So, Will is back at SCAD and starting to wrangle up interested people to put some episodes together for Beecon (which is SCAD’s student TV station thing-a-do). That means if you know any SCADians, send them his way 🙂

So we are way interested in feedback. I didn’t spend all summer slaving over a 2 minute animation not to get feedback (I’m still slaving, in fact, as we continue to clean up the trailer).


Hi all.

This is just a reminder post, as I’ve noticed quite a few people have friended this journal since last year, but apparently not the RSS feed of my real journal (which is here: ). So, you should take a look at that if you want to read about my life going-ons, but keep this journal friended if you want me to be able to read your super secret postings.

Thanks much, carry on!

Personality Inventories Part II

So here’s a follow up to a few posts ago, I’m reviewing what people said before the comments get lost forever. To recap, these are the sentences from the INFJ description that people pegged as super-me.

Robat picked: INFJs have vivid imaginations

Scott cheated because he didn’t pick a sentence 😛

Brendan picked: they have convoluted, complex personalities which sometimes puzzle even them.

Dave picked: It is an INFJ who is likely to have visions of human events past, present, or future (even though he’s the one who writes stories and plays that tell the future!)

Ken picked: They have an unusually rich inner life, but they are reserved and tend not to share their reactions except with those they trust.

Meanwhile, here are my picks for those who gave types.

Scott: They are the supreme pragmatists, who see reality as something which is quite arbitrary and made up

Brendan: INFJs like to please others and tend to contribute their own best efforts in all situations.

Ken: INTPs are relatively easy-going and amenable to most anything until their principles are violated, about which they may become outspoken and inflexible. They prefer to return, however, to a reserved albeit benign ambiance, not wishing to make spectacles of themselves.

Dave didn’t give me a type and there are so many IN– types that I couldn’t pin anything down for Robat, but if you guys want to give me specifics, then I’ll go back on it.

Atlanta Adventure

The perk of working at a school is that I get most of their breaks for myself, so I plotted to give myself a for-real vacation over fall break. I flew down to Atlanta for some good fun times and adventuring.

I came in Friday night and met up with Marji and Hanna, whom I met through Will via the not-so-secret-anymore-secret-summer-project (that being JamJams, which Will outlines a bit in his journal). They are good awesome folk and made me feel right at home.

On Saturday Will and Cari drove up from Savannah, and the group of us went trouncing around in the city. Most of it was idle wandering, but we did at least get to the Center for Puppetry Arts and had a good look around. They have some Lion King mask prototypes there, as well as a skekse from the Dark Crystal. It was a fun place and I’m glad I was able to go (in spite of the terrifying “Puppet Storeroom” exhibit). Our former plans of also visiting the Coke museum were thwarted by the infrequency of the MARTA, so we headed back to Marji and Hanna’s for video games and cooking. Pie also happened.

Sunday was mostly lazy napping (on my part), homeworking (on Cari’s part), and visiting Cartoon Network while Hanna went to pick up work stuff (on Will’s part, much to his enthusiasm). We all reconvened for video games, which was very fun, and Will and I beat yet another Dynasty Warriors campaign. That night, we accompanied Marji to a Radical Axis party for the opening of Squidbillies, on which she works. I was fearful of a major social event at first, but fortunately for me it was an evening of exhausted animators all watching cartoons, with little to no need for mingling. Hooray! (yes I know, I’m a social cripple).

Monday, while Hanna and Marji were at work, I spent the day with Wheeler, who has conveniently relocated from Sante Fe to Atlanta. We went to the zoo, and then spent the evening at the arcade. We played quite a bit of DDR, and I’m proud to announce that my former panicky “I CAN’T DO ANY MORE THAN 3 FEET!!” bar has been raised to 4 feet, comfortably. Strother would be so proud! *tear*

We also played a bit of pool, Time Crisis 3, and then I had a go at Ms. Pacman. I immediately regretted this, for I had forgotten that Ms. Pacman is actually a VERY stressful game, most of which I spent panicking. Also, I affirmed the fact that I’m good at those light-spinny ticket games by winning the jackpot of 316 tickets, which I used to buy Marji and Hanna thank-you presents for being good hostesses. Anyways, it was great to hang out with Wheeler again.

That evening I cooked dinner for Hanna and pie happened a second time. All in all it was a fantastic visit, and I hope to make another one in the future. I feel very rested and ready to spring back to work. Boing!

(note, i haven’t forgotten about the activity i posted last entry, I’ll follow up on that soon)

Personality Inventories

At my highschool (and consequently now, my workplace), your senior year on testing day when everyone is taking annoying prep standardized tests and whatnot, you get to take the Myers-Briggs personality inventory. Yes yes, I know, it’s not exact and “I’m an exception” and how dare they try to categorize people and snark snark snark. Now that all that’s aside, I enjoyed taking this my senior year. I’ve taken it “unofficially” several times since, and always get pretty much the same thing. It’s just fun to read about the types and see the people you know within them and be like “ohhhhhhh!”

Anyway, the current seniors just took it on Wednesday, so on Thursday they had all the faculty and staff members wear a sticker with their type if they wanted, so the students could wander by and see us and be like “ohhhhhhhh!” I don’t see much of the students, but I kept my eyes peeled for any INFJs. We are an elusive type, apparently.

Anyway, I have a lot of fun with this, and I love reading and seeing if what they say is accurate about people I know. So here is a game, yes? Go to this site and read about my type (INJF) and find a sentence in the description that pops out to you, one that you are convinced was written specifically about me, it is so accurate. Then comment with the sentence so I can see.


If you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs, tell me what your type is and I’ll go looking for you, and do the same, because I am nosey and love stuff like this. (if you’ve not taken it and would like to, you can google “Myers Briggs” or “Jungian Personality Test” and find a number of online versions. I’m pretty sure they are all mostly the same. Here’s one…

The Power of Marketing

Perhaps this is something Maria and Scott can enlighten me to?

Okay okay, so the generic cereal in the bag is a close approximation to the name brand, but you can still tell a difference. I’ll buy that, I’ve done the taste tests, I understand why people buy Lucky Charms over Magic Stars or whatever. Fine fine fine.


I do NOT understand why people buy name brand pain and fever medicines. I just don’t get it.

There is generic ibuprofen on the shelf right next to Advil. RIGHT there, and ridiculously cheaper, yes? Why do people buy the Advil! WHYYYY?!?! They could not be more of the SAME EXACT THING if they tried!

What are people thinking?? I do not understand and it drives me to tears.