Spring Break thus far has been absolutely exquisite. I have done nothing. Sweet, pure, absolute nothing. I’ve been reading The Worthing Saga, which Brendan lent me long ago. I like it, but I would probably like any book at this point, just because it’s been so long since I’ve had a moment to read for leisure. I love having those days where you read late into the night, only to wake up early the next morning for the sole purpose of lounging about and reading all day.

I think this is just the recharge my body needs. I’m already feeling much more refreshed and pleasant, and I think my body is getting plenty of rest. By Monday I’ll have created enough relaxation reserve to last me through the rest of the term.

As a side note, I find it particularly annoying when you’re at a meal, and someone offers you a dish, and you say “no thank you,” and they interpret that to mean “no, I don’t like it”, and respond with such things as “but it’s good!” or “but I thought you liked _____!” It drives me up the wall! Is this a normal family thing, or is it just mine that does it?

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