Store store store

I put a Store up on the site! There is not much there at the moment, but I do have my betta magnets and decals up.

In other news, I have been horrible about keeping my journal entries categorized. I will fix this for the future!

Also, February is practically over. What happened there?

Site Update!

Oh-ho, what is this? Could it be a site update? Indeed!

It doesn’t look very different, and so this update is probably not exciting to anyone but me, but my site as been shifted and nudged and moved about.

I’ve left some old stuff up temporarily, emphasis on temporarily. I’m still not happy with how it is shaping up, but then again, that’s the way of things. I’ve spent so much time building websites for other people, and making them all sleek and nifty and tight-coded, but coming back to this beast is rough. It’s impossible to build upon an already existing thing and make it as clean and tight as building from scratch.

Oh well, I will just equate this to my messy room. Explore and enjoy!


I used to be really really fond of Newsbruiser, until I tried to integrate it into my site.

It is really not the fault of a the program, it is very good. One problem is that my hosting provider does not support server side includes, and the other problem is that I should have KNOWN better!! I just didn’t think about it at the time that I might want to someday integrate my python-based blog into my php-based website.

Maria, you remember when we were trying to explain about different programming languages, and how they don’t work together? This is a fine example.

Every time I get ready to launch my new site update, I reach this one bump, and I go through the same steps trying to solve it, until I FINALLY reach the step where I plan to code an RSS reader on my front page to read from my blog, and then I realize how stupid and redundant that is, start to cry, and cast off the whole ordeal.

Then after some time I forget what the problem was, and try and do it again.

I really want to try and avoid having to get new blogging software, just because I don’t want to deal with it. If it comes down to a last resort, I’ll end up doing the RSS reader (grah!!), however, if anyone knows of any magical way to make Python and PHP talk to each other? Please let me know. Thanks.

EDIT: Last resort it is

Just when I was starting to bounce back

I got an unpleasant phone call tonight.

My brother and I grew up with the kids next door, and subsequently their parents helped raise us just as much as our parents raised them, and we grew that “family-friend” bond. I hate the term “family-friend,” because it sounds too distant from what it really is. I also dislike the phrase “second mother,” because even though it is attempting to express the closeness, it fails at identifying the correct relationship. I will just say Nancy.

Five or so years ago, Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a very hard time of it, and there were many times when we thought she was nearing her end. Nancy is an extremely positive and strong-willed woman, however, and overcame her condition, going through not one but two bone marrow transplants, and Graft-vs-Host disease at that (Graft-vs-Host is when the infection-fighting cells from the donated marrow see the body as foreign, and start attacking it). It was a mighty struggle, but she overcame it. She is still rather spirited, but has to occasionally rely on a walker to get around.

Recently, Nancy has had a couple falls. I attributed them to her usual weakness acquired from her cancer bout, and I think everyone else did too. Then she started suddenly losing vision in one eye. A visit to the hospital informed her that they had found a lesion in her brain, but at the time they knew nothing more than that.

Tonight my dad called to tell me that Nancy has been diagnosed with brain cancer. It was heartbreaking to me. It just seems so unfair for it to happen to a woman who has been through so much. My dad expects the worst (but, my dad always expects the worst, he’s sort of been conditioned to from when he was a respiratory therapist working in ER and ICU). I’m really not sure what to think or how to feel or what to expect. Maria has been very helpful, as cancer is less horrifying when you know how it works and what is going on, and she gave me an idea of the right questions to ask.

It is just a heavy thing on my mind right now, so if you can give prayers and send positive thoughts for Nancy, please do so, yes? Thank you

Valentine’s Basketball

Tonight is Valentine’s Day Celebration! There will be lemon bundt cake, apparently, and we will be exchanging Valentines (you know the sort, the ones featuring characters who have no business being surrounded by hearts and pink borders, like Batman, and that say things like “I’d be your sidekick any day, Valentine!”).

I will use this opportunity to express my love for all my friends and acquaintances, because people can never be told often enough that they are loved.

My life is enriched because of the lot of you!

Oh yeah, I’m leading a retreat this week! Tomorrow, in fact, I am leaving for it. I’ll be away from the internet and have my phone off, so just be patient and I’ll return Thursday evening.

We’ll see whether or not I’ve managed to build up my resistance to the Velveteen Rabbit (I haven’t. I cannot be read that story without tears, it is impossible).

See you guys later.


I know this is disgusting, but I miss Math classes. I know I know, I’m horrified myself.

I love these things! I would love to play with an interactive online model of one. Once there was a math exhibit at the Science Center, and they had a few models of these sorts of things. They were great, but I would like a virtual one to play with, because I couldn’t get my arm stuck in a virtual one.

…I MEAN… ¬_¬

Happy Birthday Me!

On Monday I got a Roth IRA, and was very excited about it. I wanted to journal about it, but then I realized that only grown-ups get excited about things like Roth IRAs.

Then I realized that I turned 24 on Thursday. Crap! And so here it is! Today begins my last year in the 18-24 age demographic. Wish me luck.

I saw my shadow when I woke up today