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Tall Tales

During E3, there was a brunch. During said brunch, there was a discussion of Tall Tales (Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, etc), in nostalgic amusement for the Americans of theĀ group and a bewildered, slightly horrified reaction from the Dutch member. We learned that Dutch Tall Tales are a little lacking in the Tall department. Then there were a few other adventures.

I normally don’t like to be all public with inside jokes, as there’s nothing worse than an inside joke you’re not in on, but other people seemed to enjoy these for their own sake so I guess it’s not too bad. So, just for you, a new set of Tall Tales!

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More Monster Comics

So the giant monster comic thing apparently triggered something in me. The ideas were pouring out of my brain so quickly that I had to run around with a bucket to catch them all. It’s fun to feel this way, I haven’t been on this much of a drawing frenzy in a long time!

T-saur Visits Monster Island, Part 1

Expect more to come.

And another amusing quote:

Colin: “In Fish Hell, I take care of you. In Fish Heaven, Lisa takes care of you.”

24-Hour Comic

Okay okay, so here it is.

Through Wheeler’s persuasion and my realization that once I start my job, I won’t be able to do this crazy junk anymore, I decided to give the 24 Hours Comic challenge a go.

I started at 3 in the morning yesterday with absolutely no preconceived ideas, and checked in hourly with Wheeler on our progress. I used a game of Once Upon a Time I’d played recently with the Tuesday Night Ballers as a starting point, and went from there.

In fact, I ran into the opposite problem that I thought I’d have: I ran out of pages before I finished my story! To Be Continued wrap-up for you, ha! Churning out the 24 pages wasn’t such a problem as cleaning them up, and around 21 hours I started GOING CRAZY trying to focus, so I called it done and scanned her in (you’ll notice a big chunk in the middle is horribly messy, I cleaned from front to middle, then from back to middle, then gave up).

Anyway… https://www.wertle.com/gallery/v/projects/24hour/