My Little Dreadsteed

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A billion years ago, someone posted a picture of My Little Dreadsteed, and I thought “that’s awesome! I want to make one of those for my warlock friend!” and everyone said “You should!” and I said “Okay!”

I actually finished most of this a long time ago, and then it came to rooting the mane…zomg, I don’t see how those MLP customizers do this on a regular basis!! Anyway, it’s done, and my friend squealed in delight upon giving it to him…

Great big pictures!

Spring Break (woo)

Back in the Bandology office after Spring Break. It wasn’t particularly much of a break, but that’s okay. Several things of note happened…

1) Will and I made amazing headway in the Bryan Scary project. I’m very happy with where we stand right now, and I know we can finish the video in time for their album release. I KNOW we can! It’s just going to take continued and consistent work.

2) I started playing Urban Dead again. I’d played often when Kevan first came up with this gem, and had great fun, and then just sort of fell out of the loop. It’s a good time to start playing again, for the zombies have more of an upper hand than they ever have! It makes playing a survivor rather exciting. I have a zombie character as well, in the temporary Monroeville map, but being a low-level zombie is not much fun. I only managed to find a horde once, and the rest of the time it’s been shambling around alone, getting knocked down by survivors left and right. I enjoy playing the survivor much more.

3) I picked up one of my WoW alts, a hunter, and decided that I want to learn how to kite. Kiting is tricky business, and difficult to do well, and I want to be able to do it! There was also more WoWing in general during spring break: an instance here, a battleground there, a round of WoW-and-go-Seek to top it off…Good fun times

Now, though, it’s back to work! We’re at the halfway point with Bandology this semester, and there’s still so much left to do!

Wanted: Cloud-drawer

Attention internet!

The Shredding Tears music video project is in dire need of a member with the following credentials:

1) Has Flash
2) Can draw clouds

A number of our aeronautic scenes are sitting one step away from “done” due to the fact that we need convincing clouds in the sky. Our lead artist, Will “I can draw clouds” White is too busy cranking away the animation work to render us out some good Flash clouds.

If you have the above credentials, and the thought of sitting and drawing a bunch of cloud formations per our specifications makes you say “huzzah, that sounds like fun!” or “you know, I need more clouds for my portfolio anyway…” please reply!

I can’t offer anything in terms of payment, except that you’ll be credited on the video. Reply if interested!