My family has always been a super-planning one. We always get our tickets to amusement parks in advance, and I’ve never been to one on a weekend. You know, that sort of thing. So on Saturday when it was spontaneously decided that we would go to Six Flags on Sunday, I felt like it was some grave sin that we would plan it last minute.

I got over that quickly enough, and we had an AWESOME time at the park. It’s been much too long since I’ve ridden a roller coaster, and I must say the Superman ride is by far the most awesome coaster I’ve ever been on (although, due to the high speeds of the ride, I would salivate uncontrollably, and end up drooling all over myself. A small price to pay for good fun). It was also nice, because until now, I’ve only been to two amusement parks over and over again. Riding unfamiliar coasters was quite refreshing. It was a good way to spend our last day off for the next two weeks

I would write more, but tonight is American Chopper night, and I have to get back to the laundromat to pick up my freshly cleaned clothes. In the meantime, you guys should all go say hello to D Flo (), and read his journal. I’m sure it will be totally awesome.

(as a side note, thanks to everyone who’s been sending me letters! I love getting mail, and you should be expecting letters from me on the way!)


Whew! Been awhile since an update, but it’s been awhile since I could snag a ride to the library. Many things have happened! I will divide them up by “good” or “bad” on a case by case basis.

Bad: It’s quite hot, and humid too. The sort of weather where you drink water every half an hour and never have to pee.
Good: At least it’s stopped raining!

Bad: I had to use the router last week, which is the scariest power tool ever (on the up side, my favorite power tool–the compound sliding miter saw–is doing quite nicely and has yet to cut off my hand).
Good: I got to dull the blade of a machete by beating it against a rock.

Bad: You know how I was gonna wait until the end of the summer to buy myself a PS2? You know, as a reward? WELL, due to the unspeakable PEER PRESSURE of a certain, left-shoulder-perching, demon winged friend (I won’t mention any names (*cough*Carlton*cough*), I went out and bought one, and RUINED my goal.
Good: I have a PS2 now.

Bad: While buying said PS2, I also purchased Ghost Recon, and though I am 21 years old, I got CARDED for buying a Rated R game.
Good: I’m sure it’ll do me good when I’m 40.

Bad: I’m terrible at volleyball.
Good: Nate the Carp taught me how to throw a hammer! Now I will return to school and amaze all my ultimate frisbee friends! …or something.

Overall, things are good, plenty of work, plenty of play.

By the way, does anyone have a spare LJ code laying about? D Flo wants to start a journal, so he’ll have a place to rant, and so I won’t have to advertise his music for him (he can do it himself!). Hope everyone is well!


I brought The Stand with me to Stockbridge, because I thought I could use a big book to keep me occupied for awhile. I like it, I read it last summer, but I think the main reason I enjoy reading it is that it is very long, and thus can sustain my fast reading habits for more than a few days.

I finished the thing in a week and a half. After sitting a moment to figure out what to read next, I discovered that I still have Brendan’s copy of Watchmen that he loaned to me awhile back (so Brendan, if you’ve been searching for it, you know where it is now ^_^). I started it yesterday and am nearly through.

I was fretting all day about what I would read next, and where I would get a book, fretting all through checking my email. “Where on *earth* am I going to find a book to read?” I thought. Then I remembered I was in a library and felt really dumb.

Seriously, though, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten books from a library for anything more than research, I’d nearly forgotten what wonderful things libraries are (and not just for an internet addict to check her email while she’s stranded in Massachusetts).

I picked up Watership Down, because it’s something I’ve always intended to read, and also The Once and Future King, because my friend, Carleton, and I were pondering over its role in X2, and he said that I should read it and then tell him all about it. I guess being a fast reader has its advantages. If I can finish The Stand in a week and a half, I should have no trouble finishing two normal-sized books in two weeks.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any good recommendations of very long books (like, 1500 pages or more…and Not Moby Dick), leave them here. I need long books!


I thought that I’d be so busy this summer that I’d burn myself out. While I am very busy at work, with plenty of different things to do, I’m actually getting a lot of rest. With none of the extra responsibilities and activities and work I usually pick up at school, I have plenty of time to sit quietly, read for fun (I missed it so much!), and sleep. I’m averaging 9 to 11 hours a night, and my body loves it, I think.

Activities vary quite a bit here. Either I’m running around doing everything or sitting and doing nothing. One night will be filled with volleyball and video games, while another will be sitting and watching movies all night. Thursday night was the company picnic and an exciting bowling night, while Monday I wandered quietly about the housing unit, finding maps with circles and x’s in them, and labeled them as “Helipad.”

I don’t mind the variation, and I certainly don’t mind the rest. I’m having time to write letters (though I only have one or two addresses to write to right now, hopefully that will change) and also journal (the for-real kind) and draw. It’s a perfect balance. The work keeps me from being bored out of my mind, and the free evenings give me plenty of rest.

Hooray for summer camp for grown-ups!

Oh yeah…

As a side note, I’m sad that I don’t get real mail. So, if you’re bored and have money for postage, send me a letter, or a scrap of paper, or a random doodle, or a photo turned into a makeshift post card. Anything. As a return, I promise to write back, as I LOVE getting mail, I love writing for real letters, and I have plenty of time to spend writing them. That is all.

Lisa Brown
c/o BTF
PO Box 797
Stockbridge, MA 01262

the Brendan Phenomenon

Based on some of Jeff’s stories, the Berkshire Theatre Festival seems to have a history of lengthy summer prank wars. I think I just experienced a first strike of sorts.

Theater people, especially tech people, always baffle me with the supplies of tools they seem to have instant access to. So, when I woke up at 4:30 this morning to the sound of drilling in the hall, I wasn’t overly surprised.

I wandered out into the hallway in my pajamas, only to find the Master Carpenter screwing sheets of plywood in front of my neighbor’s door. He seemed quite startled at being found out, but I think I sleepily shook my fist and muttered something along the line of “Pesky carps and their confounded pranks!” and went back to bed, unconcerned that my neighbors were now boarded up inside their own room.

This brings me to a new addition to a strange phenomenon in my life, the Brendan series. I knew two Brendans before this summer. The first Brendan was my Kempo instructor back in Louisville, who was inadvertently poetic and insightful, if not a bit silly, and was a great teacher. The second was our very own Brendan Adkins, a multitalented and very close friend of mine. Now a third Brendan has been added to my series, one who boards up his crew in their own rooms in the dead of the night. I’m considering referring to him as #3, to avoid confusion in conversation with all the Brendans I seem to be acquiring.

Anyway, things are going well. We had a day off yesterday, but I don’t think I’ll have another for a good long while. No matter, I’m still having fun.