Of illness, WoW, and weddings…

Project work at the ETC has been advancing at a steady yet exciting pace. I am finding myself facing a HUGE game design challenging: designing an interactive gameplay experience that can sustain an opt-in audience for 3 hours. Eek! Challenging, yes, but I can do it!

If you’re curious about my project this semester, you can read up about it here: http://etc.cmu.edu/projects/getinline

Progress has been impeded slightly by a few days of illness on my part. It’s been a strange sickness, with fever dreams and dizziness. It’s like having the feeling of having slept on a boat, and getting that leftover dizzy off-balance feeling even while awake. Bleh. I have been dutifully sent home and to bed day after day by my producer, advisors, and professors. I am TERRIBLE at being sick. I feel so guilty that I can’t be contributing! It’s a silly thing, I know, and logic brain knows…it’s emotional brain’s fault.

WoW has become much more exciting of a hobby since I nosed my Insomniacs into transferring their mains to my realm, and since some other ETC guildies were able to transfer their mains (the PvE -> PvP transfer enable was the best ever!). We are preparing for a guild Karazhan run, which will be the most fun ever! It’s almost like we’re a real guild, albeit a casual and super low-key one.

I am hoping my sickness subsides soon, for Kyle and Angel’s wedding is but a week away! How exciting!! It’ll be nice to spend time with the ballers on this happy occasion. I miss them terribly!


I’m going to get in trouble for this, I just know it. I’m going to regret it! But


Now now now, before people get all in a defensive hissy or go on a Palin-bashing-fest. My conflicted amusement and deep sadness over this has not so much to do with the Republican party, but with people in general (for this certainly happens all over, not even just in politics, but ALL OVER. This is just what people DO. It is the natural way of humans).

Sometimes, I hate everyone. Then I remember to stop paying attention and it goes away after awhile.