Of jobs and funks

Brendan got accepted into a grad school, which is totally awesome. So, to celebrate, we wandered to Walmart to buy a whole log of cookie, and baked them in the toaster oven. Then the four of us (Brendan, Ken, D Flo, and myself) devoured every one (except for the last batch, which I stopped paying attention to while watching Homestar Runner on Flora’s computer, they were a bit burnt when I remembered).

I also gave Brendan a little glass cup, in congratulations, and also for him helping me clean the glass studio. Slowly but surely, everyone seems to be climbing out of their respective funks. I accepted the job at Berkshire, which was the last of my burdens. I promptly got sick after being relieved of the March madness, but I think I will recover nicely over spring break.

There is one disadvantage to the Berkshire job…I will not be able to take my computer with me. That means a 3 month hiatus from the internet, with brief checking-in’s for email, and to hopefully update this thing. It also means that I will not be able to go to Conglomeration, the con which I sold my art at last year. If I can arrange for someone to manage my stuff, I may be able to mail some art in, but I’ll still miss hanging out with the afd kids. Perhaps there is a possibility I would be able to make it down, but somehow I doubt it. The internship sounds very time consuming.

It will be my first summer where I’ve spent the entire break away from home, so I’m a little nervous about it. However, I won’t be alone. Jeff, Squirt, and some other Centre folk also got jobs and internships at Berkshire for the summer, so I’ll have friends about. I guess, all in all, it will just be another experience ^_^