Woooooooooooohoo! Back in Kanazawa to get my internet fix. I have been having a WONDERFUL time.

Of course I’ll have details later, this is just a general post to check in with the world. Hi, World, how’s it going?

Back to Japan…

Mountain Trip to Japan

Well, I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for my adventure!

First stop will be Chicago, where I will spend the day hangin with D Flo, who I haven’t seen in FOREVER. It will be awesome fun.

Monday morning I start the big flight, and some hours later will land in Nagoya, Japan. I’ll be there 2 weeks, and will have all manner of adventure.

I am very excited about going to Japan, yes, but equally excited to see my friend, Andrew. I haven’t seen him for several years now, and it will be awesome to hang out and catch up and play.

So yeah, I’ll possibly update from time to time, but I’ll be back June 06. Take care, you guys. Have fun, stay safe, and wish for good traveling for me!

LOVE! Bye.

False Alarm

Okay, Centre Kids, sorry about that.

I will be coming into town on FRIDAY, because THAT’s when the reception for the art kids is, and that’s when there will be food. Delicious delicious food.

The call for the Guad still holds, though.



I’m coming to town on Tuesday to see the senior art show. Is convenient because I have to drive to Lexington earlier that day to pick up a thingy, so i’ll roll into Danville around the 1-ish or something. The show doesn’t start till 4.



You do not understand the craving, the yearning, it’s terrible. The Guad holds power over you long after you graduate. I MUST HAVE A GRILLED CHICKEN QUESADILLA!!!

Still, I have that whole “don’t want to eat there all by my lonesome self” thing, and I need to catch up with a lot of you kids anyway.

Anyone? Anyone? Pleeeeeeease?????

24-Hour Comic

Okay okay, so here it is.

Through Wheeler’s persuasion and my realization that once I start my job, I won’t be able to do this crazy junk anymore, I decided to give the 24 Hours Comic challenge a go.

I started at 3 in the morning yesterday with absolutely no preconceived ideas, and checked in hourly with Wheeler on our progress. I used a game of Once Upon a Time I’d played recently with the Tuesday Night Ballers as a starting point, and went from there.

In fact, I ran into the opposite problem that I thought I’d have: I ran out of pages before I finished my story! To Be Continued wrap-up for you, ha! Churning out the 24 pages wasn’t such a problem as cleaning them up, and around 21 hours I started GOING CRAZY trying to focus, so I called it done and scanned her in (you’ll notice a big chunk in the middle is horribly messy, I cleaned from front to middle, then from back to middle, then gave up).

Anyway… https://www.wertle.com/gallery/v/projects/24hour/

An internal dialogue

IC=Internal Clock

IC: Lisa.
M: Mmm?
IC: It’s 9:00, Lisa, you should get up.
M: …Look, Clock, I don’t know if you failed to notice, but I just did a 24 hour comic yesterday…
IC: Yes?
M: So shut up and let me sleep.
IC: Well, alright..

(an hour passes)

IC: Lisa, it’s 10:00, come on, wake up.
M: (growling) SLEEP
IC: Come on!
M: I am in a state of recovery, you leave me the hell alone!
IC: …

(another hour)

IC: Lisa.
M: Oh for the love of….
IC: It’s 11:00, Lisa
M: Look, I am going to SLEEP, if you wake me up one more time, ONE MORE TIME, I will kick your ass.
IC: ……come on, Lisa, you can’t sleep past 11….

(a brief, one-person wrestling match ensues wherein Lisa gets her foot tangled in a blanket and accidentally rolls out of bed and onto the floor)

IC: Well now that you’re already out of bed, you may as well get up.
M: I hate you.

(I’ll post the comic to my website later, when I am less grumpy)

I hate begging, but….

*shuffles into view*

Sooo, my trip to Japan is coming up here soon. I got a DS for my birthday, so i could acquire games to keep me occupied on the flight. I’ve done a very poor job in acquiring games.

Anyone wanna lend me some Gameboy Advance games for my trip? RPGs are good, Final Fantasy and all that, and the Zelda that was for SNES is particularly desirable. So is Shining Force. But really, any mind-occupant will do.

Anyone? Anyone? I’ll draw you a pretty picture in exchange! And of course I’d take VERY good care of them and mail them back as soon as I got home.