Resistance Trailer

Yesterday at work, we all crowded into the conference room to watch the Sony bit at E3 to see them show the Resistance 2 trailer. It was very exciting!

The best thing about this was being able to see a vertical slice of how awesome this game is going to be, it made me very excited to get back to work. I’m going to have to get a PS3 when this is all over with, so I can get the game and show it to people and say “hey, hey, see that setup? That one there? That’s mine!”

Best internship ever.

More Monster Comics

So the giant monster comic thing apparently triggered something in me. The ideas were pouring out of my brain so quickly that I had to run around with a bucket to catch them all. It’s fun to feel this way, I haven’t been on this much of a drawing frenzy in a long time!

T-saur Visits Monster Island, Part 1

Expect more to come.

And another amusing quote:

Colin: “In Fish Hell, I take care of you. In Fish Heaven, Lisa takes care of you.”


Some amusing summer time quotes…

Josh: “What do your parents do? Wait wait, I know…your dad is an engineer and your mom is a professor.”

Lisa: “No…”

Josh (ponders): “Okay, your dad breeds and raises unicorns and your mom teaches them to read…”


Gabe: “Don’t you sass me!”

Lisa: “I’ll a-sass-inate you!”


Jesse: “pinky swear NDA!”


Chocula (Ross), from 2 bays over: “DAMMIT LisaTheIntern!”

Lisa: “I’m sorry!!”
Ross: “……don’t apologize for killing people!!!”