Typin with the left hand tonight.

I burned the crap out of my hand today in glass. The first time was when I grabbed the pipe too far on the wrong end where the metal was still hot. The second was when I accidentally bumped my thumb against the hot glass itself. And yet I kept working, I *had* to finish the piece. I would be as the great artists, sacrificing my body for my art, for my creation. And through the experience I learned an important lesson…

…Sacrificing your body for your art is STUPID!! Stupid stupid dumb dumb dumb.

::lathers aloe all over her fingers and whimpers incredulously::

2 thoughts on “Typin with the left hand tonight.”

    1. I’ll risk it. Drop me an email and we can swap addies (wertle1@aol.com). Meanwhile, the burn isn’t that bad, I iced and aloed it soon enough, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to blister or anything. Hooray!

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