Electricity Eeeeelec-tricity.

Crew meeting today. I work for Jeff, who can juggle flaming sticks, in electrics. I used to be afraid of Jeff, he was one of those sorts who I couldn’t tell if they were joking or really seriously angry about something, but I’ve come to learn that he’s harmless. Mostly harmless.

I like working in electrics, hanging and focusing lights is great fun! This year, I’m board op (trained monkey) which is something I’ve never done before. It means I’ll have to donate a week of my life to the theatre department, but I think I have my schedule under control, it’ll all be good. And I have plenty of practice pushing buttons, I knew Halo would be good for something!

Speaking of which, Squirt has joined the Krew. I need to draw her up. It’s very strange, I never really hang out with her, but she’s lots of fun. Weird how that is.

I love you Brendan!

2 thoughts on “Electricity Eeeeelec-tricity.”

  1. Oooh! Flaming stick-juggling! COOL! Is he the same guy you posted pics of elsewhere?

    hey! I’m glad you’re having fun in electrics! 😀 And I LOVE the comic!

    1. Thanks Synn! My friend wants me to make a site completely devoted to those comics. I’m becoming more of a dork by the minute ^_^;;;

      As for playing with fire, you may be thinking of my other friend, Andrew, who is good at twirling glowsticks…and flaming rags (http://www.geocities.com/centreoffuntimes/bahamas/fire03.jpg you’ll have to copy and paste)

      It’d be cool if they could both get together and put on a show! We could get one of those fire-spitter types. But alas, Andrew is off in Japan.

      If you want to see the rest of those flaming rag twirling pictures, let me know and I’ll post them again.

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