Drama, Colored Pencils, and Road Trips

This has probably been the craziest, messiest, drama-filled schoolyear yet, and it’s only a few weeks into the year! Madness, all the time. It’s terrible, but every time I feel a little sad or lonely or confused, I just look up and around and say “Ye gods! I’m glad I don’t have to deal with *their* problems!” O.o Ultimately, I’m trying to do my best to keep out of the fray and provide relief, comic or otherwise, for those involved.

I’m also getting back into my art swing, slowly, and I did the unimaginable and picked up some colored pencils. I’m terrible with them, very sloppy and impatient, but I took my time with this and it turned out better than normal. Next up, I want to give these markers I try, they’ve been laying around untouched for years.


The weekend wasn’t dull at all, and I haven’t heard much on the enviro-theatre crew’s trip to Tennessee (except a phone call saying “We’re in Gatlinburg!!”, when they were certainly *not* supposed to be 5 hours away, and another one later saying “We’re in North Carolina!!” O.o;;; They got home safely, so all is well).

I also got an extension for my comp sci project, which I now have completely under control. A good weekend, but over much too quickly, as always.

(starfallz-you still up for that sock?)

3 thoughts on “Drama, Colored Pencils, and Road Trips”

  1. woot.

    cute piccy, wertle.. 🙂

    what are the requirements for your sock request? i got some cute toesocks that might work.. not sure they’re thick enough, tho.

    1. Re: woot.

      Thanks Sil! The sock doesn’t have to be too thick, and the end doesn’t matter because I’m going to cut out that part. The main requirement is that they’re cotton, and if they’re nifty looking then that’s fun also ^_^

      I was just asking because I sometimes get very sentimental about my socks, and if I lose one out of a pair, I can never bring myself to throw the other away, because I might “use it for something.” Most of those ended up as sock puppets, hehehe.

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