I hate leading zeros

Ultimately, I suppose it’s been a good week. Discounting a few things, of course, like the fact that I did not finish my comp sci project that’s due tomorrow. When I have to make a decision between pulling an all-nighter to get something done and not getting it done, I opt for sleep, it’s more important. No worries here.

Meanwhile, Kay, the hard core grad assistant at the studio who happens to be my glass partner, convinced me that instead of dividing up 4 3-hour slots to half an hour each, we should each take 2 slots and work the whole 3 hours. My first long slot is tomorrow, we’ll see how it turns out x_x

This weekend has potential to be very nice or rather dull. A large chunk of my friends, namely Sam, Will, Meghan, and Flora are going to be off to some enviro-theatre conference, while Ken and Evan go to Louisville.

I’m trying my hardest to convince Brendan to have a sketchbook party with me Saturday night, since we’ll be the only ones about. Brendan is my hero.

Friday, even he will be gone, so I’ll be all by myself. No worries, though, i need some time to myself to get some things done, me-time is always nice to have. So it seems the weekend will balance on the thing line between pleasant, calming rest or boredom, we’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, Ken has joined the fray.