Last night after Brendan and I finished theory homework and when Flora was done with rehearsal, we all went to Walmart for some SETC supply shopping. It really got me excited and in the mood for SETC, I can’t believe it’s already next week! We’ll be leaving Tuesday night, in fact. I bought a nice bag to carry things around in, since I don’t have a purse, and I’d rather not lug my clunky backpack everywhere. I don’t buy new bags often, but when I do, its first hour or so in my possession is usually spent by finding stuff to put in its pockets. Squirt dubbed it a stage manager’s bag, and I guess that will be true, since I’m participating in the 24-hour play festival as a stage manager.

Although I’m preparing as best I can, I know missing two days of classes will put a big dent in my efforts to keep up, even though I feel I’m currently ahead of myself as far as classwork. Still, I’ve talked to all my professors, and they don’t seem to think I’ll have much of a problem. I’m going to try my best to not worry about the missed work and to enjoy the convention. Jeff was explaining to me how the Job Contact event works, and his enthusiasm got me excited in turn. He’s going to help me finalize my resume today.

So, all my nervousness is dripping away and being replaced by excitement. This weekend I’ll devote to getting ahead in my classwork, and making sure my scholarship application to Corning will be ready to send the minute I get back in town. The rest will be packing and preparing and hopping about in excitement.

Oh, let’s just face it, I can’t wait ^_^ My parents even got me a 128 mb memory stick for my camera as a present! How nice! Expect pictures, muahaha!.