I got this from Brendan, who in turn snatched off someone else’s journal. Anyway, it’s a trailer for some French animated movie. The animation is pretty, if not semi-creepy and mesmerizing.

I’d really like to decipher the plot. The most I can come up with is three old ladies who are retired members of Stomp, only French, and some strange plot to kidnap people obsessed with bicycles? Anyone have any ideas? Anyone speak French?

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  1. Found some links on Google by using belleville, tripelettes and animation.
    Here’s a short summary of the info I could obtain so far (well you can always do your own search; I’m too lazy tonight to read through all of the promising listed links even though there aren’t much search results and that google-translator makes it a bit easier to read the french articles, though it helps much if you know a bit French to bypass some of the typical auto-translator mistakes):
    The creator is Sylvain Chomet. The movie is a French, Belgian and Canadian co-production and will come out on April 2nd 2003 according to Le Monde (probably French release date) and is headed towards an adult audience. As seen in the trailer, there’s an interpretation of Josephine Baker (Yes, that woman with the bananas, if you’re unfamiliar with the 1920-ies, 1930-ies).
    And from the first few links I read, it is one very anticipated movie.


    1. Grah! I want to see it now, it’s such a mesmerizing trailer O.o I wonder if it will ever sneak over to the states in some fashion?

  2. Phew! I thought there’s something i don’t seem to understand… i see that i’m not the only one. 😉 Furthermore i’m also not able to understand french ^^”””

    But there’s something fresh about this style….and it somehow reminds me of the older toons.

    1. Your job is to sneak over to France when it comes out and get me a bootleg, then I’ll have one of the French majors here make subtitles for it ^_^

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