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Today, I was helping Kay fill glass molds, holding open the annealer door for her, and it didn’t register in my head that my sweatshirt was not cotton…it MELTED! My poor poor sweatshirt that I’ve had since like the 7th grade, all melted down the side. It’s really not a terribly big deal, but I think I’m worn enough that it upset me a good bit.

I sat down the other day to re-organize the stuff going on in my life right now. You know, categorizing it into stuff that’s important, stuff that’s urgent, stuff that’s important but not urgent…that sort of thing. I did this once in high school, and I remember the not important/not urgent section being pretty full. There were things like “watching tv” and “playing video games” and stuff, and I remember cutting back on a lot of that to make room for more important things.

So I was like, “ah! I’ll find some time by cutting back on some of those!” So I made my list…and it was the category that was least full >_< I already don't watch tv, and though I would have said that Halo could use some cutting back in the fall, even those games are few and far between in the spring. So, the internet is suffering the biggest cut, which is still a stretch, because I don't spend a terrible amount of time on the internet as it is. Not as much as I used to, at least. I mean, I don't even have time to read web comics anymore, I struggle to keep up with two a day, how unpleasant! So, I'm not going on any sort of big hiatus or anything, I'm just going to be around less than I already am. I did, however, implement my School AIM settings, so that now, if you see me on AIM, you'll know that I intend to stick around for longer than 15 minutes at a time ^_^ It won't be an easy feat, but I tried it today. I'm fortunate to have a wireless keyboard and mouse, because I can just take them and put them in the closet, it really reduces temptations to spend my blocks of free time futzing about online. There's also an alternate reason for my taking a break. Sheldon's been giving me lots of advice about my wrists lately. I told him about what the doctor said, and he instantly turned into mother hen, telling me to do this or that or be careful of this. I'm going to start listening to him. Sheldon (for those of you who don't know, he's my painting instructor) has pretty severe carpal tunnel syndrome. He has big foam grips on his paintbrushes to help him, he has to treat his arms every day when he goes home, and he chatted with me about things he just has to do all the time for it. I think it's kinda sad, I mean, he's a painter. That's what he does for a living, he paints, he draws, he teaches others to do the same, that's his life, and he has to do it with a rather unpleasant nerve problem in his hands and wrists. How awful! I really don't want to end up like Sheldon (well, not in that sense at least, in every other sense maybe so, Sheldon's my hero! ^_^). I guess I just want to do what I can to keep my symptoms from ever wandering anywhere outside of "mild," and this would be a good way to help do that. The wrists have been bothering me more often since glass picked up this term anyhow. I'll keep this journal up, I'll try not to be *too* late in webpage updates, you know, that sort of things. Things might not even be so busy when March is through, we shall see, I guess.

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  1. One of the important things with the computer is to get everything set up in good positions. You may need a desk tray or some way to lower your keyboard, or raise up your monitor or get a better chair. I’ve given up on using mice now and use tablets all the time for clicking on things. These are things I’ve had to do to get my work area to be comfortable. Also, there are ergonomic gloves and stuch for people doing factory labor sorts of things. You may want to look into those if your problems come from glassblowing or something. We have a catalog around from Alimed and they also have a website, so you may want to start looking around there.

    1. Thanks very much, Star! I did get some wrist supports for my keyboard and mouse,and they have been helping, though I do believe the desk is a bit high. I’ll have to find some cushions for my seat. I’ve also been trying to use keyboard shortcuts more to cut down on the mouse (that’s the worst hand. My professor told me to practice mousing with the left hand x_x Now I know how my grandma feels when I watch her try and use a mouse ^_^).

      I’ll take a look for that website, thanks!

  2. carpal tunnel

    Has your friend ever looked into having the surgery that is available to help with carpal tunnel? I know that surgery is a pretty drastic step but it might be worth him looking into if he has that much problem with it. My dad had carpel tunnel surgery and after about 6 weeks he was as good as new… maybe it’s worth mentioning to him anyway.

    Oh, and by the way… I’m a friend of Scott’s. He was so amused by your post about N being magic that he suggested that I take a look at your journal. I too was highly amused that the professor actually admitted that it was magic. 🙂

    1. Re: carpal tunnel

      *sings* n, oh it’s the magic number! I should totally write a song ^_^

      I don’t know if my professor has considered surgery or not, he seems to cope with it without complaint. Maybe surgery is unavailable as an option for him, I don’t know exactly.

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