What was that?

Today has been packed full of fun times. I spent a greater portion of the day at a Kempo clinic, which was awesome. I missed all my Kempo peoples, it was great to see the second fam again.

This evening I hung out with Ken, since we were both exhausted from our days (Ken () has been busy at work down at Glassworks). We happily chilled and watched cartoons, then went to the Pie Kitchen, where I fretted and debated over whether I wanted pie or icecream, pondered getting both, decided that would be splurging way too much, and ended up getting two pieces of pie instead x_x ‘Twas good, though, and we ate our pie and watched cartoons for the rest of the evening, joined later by Dave.

I’m beginning to feel the fun, creepy Halloween spirit tonight. Last night still held remnants of the summer, as the tree frogs and night critters were out making pleasant music. Tonight, though, it was nearly silent, with a few lingering crickets. We were also graced with a few calls from our local fox, which greatly added to the atmosphere. Have you ever heard a fox call? It sounds like a screaming child, especially when muffled slightly by the woods. Mmmm…must think of good Halloween costume this year.

Oh, and an Update: I may now safely count the chickens, i just need to figure out which way to incubate them 😉