Well, that weekend was productive. I managed to get started on my work for this week, plus got in the studio and made some good progress, had a fine and tasty cookout on Friday night, plus found kitten a new home! Saturday was a particularly nice recovery day, as I’d stayed on the phone up until the wee hours the night before, so slept till 1:30, did some cleaning, and then took a long nap until 5:30 or so (in preparation for staying up and talking on the phone until the wee hours again ^_^). I suppose I needed the sleep, though, and Sunday was quite productive in terms of my workload.

As I am planning to go home this coming weekend–for a Kempo clinic and my brother’s birthday–I’m going to try very hard to motivate myself and get as much work done this week as possible. Knocking out a weekend will do a serious blow to the amount of time I use to do work. Plus, if Jeff’s shaky plot for fall break ends up happening, I would like to go home the next weekend as well, to spend time with Brendan, Dave, Ken () and whomever else (though, that is homecoming, it may cause conflicts because I want to see my brother also). So, two weekends in a row with no work would be quite rough.

However, I shouldn’t be counting any chickens just yet. Must talk to Jeff today, must not count chickens…