Plants anyone?

Who can give me advice about caring for aloe plants? I hear they can be tricky.

My parents got me one, and it will be handy in case I set myself on fire in the glass studio. At first I was going to name it Ali, since it’s an aloe plant, but then I decided that was dumb and cheesy. It did, however, remind me of my friend, Ali, from the summer, so I thought of naming it Crutchfield. That, however, sounded a bit too serious, so I’ve settled on Crutchy.

While we’re on plants, anyone have advice for jade plants? I acquired one of those as well, and heard that can also be tricky. I keep fearing that one day I’ll go to water it and it will explode. (its name is Jade, only because I got it by accident. My philodendron, which has been running strong for many years, is named Sydney).

4 thoughts on “Plants anyone?”

  1. I don’t know about aloe specifically, but other succulent plants need just a bit of water once a week. You could probably find more advice on a website about plants though.

  2. Aloe’s actually a good plant to just forget about. You really probably don’t need to water it more than a cup or two twice a month (any more would probably kill it). Other than that, make sure it gets lots of sun, and don’t mess with it until it seems to have a problem.

    For jade, check the plant about once a week and see if the lower leaves look at all wilty (soft, etc). Water if so. This plant sucks up moisture from the air a lot, so it probably won’t require much watering. Just don’t stress out. It’s a good plant as long as you don’t fret about watering it until it *looks* like it needs it.

    Personally, I’ve always felt the worst ones are the plants that require daily watering. I stress out over weekends because of my salvia babies, afraid they’ll dry up without me there to mist them.

  3. Ahm. Plants.

    My grandpa’s a plant wizard. He was giving my great-gramma some advice just the other weekend.

    He says not to water it until the dirt is dry. And I mean dry. This should be roughly over a week, I believe. Depends on where you live. And he suggests fertlilizing it with a bit of miracle grow every couple months.

    As for the aloe plant.. yeah. It’s really just a “set it, and forget it!” plant. Like bella said, sun is a necessary.
    When using it for burns – Don’t just slit it open and rub the goo on the burn. Scrape the gel out. You get more. It works wonders, too.

    Good luck with your plants!

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