The Update of Updates

Oh my goodness…can it be? Oh yes, it can.

I knew that stranding myself up here alone weeks before classes started would get me to work on tasks long left unattended. I FINALLY got my webpage updated

Once again, it’s mostly backend stuff, but I’ve done some very clever things (I promise). I also feel like I now have a pretty good understanding regarding customizing Gallery which I didn’t have when I first put it on there.

Things to note: The projects section has been redone, there’s a brand new pretty sketch for you, and (as always) minor updates to come. Little things, like a links page and my resume, and maybe a picture for the About page.

You have NO idea how nice it feels to check this off my to-do list!

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    1. Mike and I decided that whoever you held the picture next to determined who the beastie was in love with (so we held it next to Bauer, who was sleeping in the seat behind us, and snickered)

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