More site updates

As promised, more updates on the website, a links page, my resume, and a mailing list you can join if you want to be notified of Lisa life updates. I’ll admit that last bit is redundant if you already read my journal, but some people do not.

It was very stormy today in Pittsburgh, and the power went out for a bit. This was somewhat detrimental when it was still out after I took my “Oh I’ll just nap it out” nap. To save my sanity I went out exploring, treated myself to a cake batter with oreos and strawberries ice cream at Cold Stone, and sure enough the power was back upon my return.

The internet took a bit longer to get as nameless unsecure wireless network took the time to figure out that he or she just needed to restart the router. We’re getting our own cable set up next week, so no longer will I rely on the kindness (carelessness?) of strangers for net access.

5 thoughts on “More site updates”

  1. I know I’m being…but its generally not a good idea to post your address/phone on the ‘net!

    I would hate for you drown in spam real mail 🙂

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