Busy Bee

Since the borrowed internet signal is too weak for any real WoWing, I’ve been getting lots of work done on the Bryan Scary project among other things. Productivity is the best cure for loneliness!

I finally got the ARG! Productions website updated, and boy was it due for one. There’s still some reworking to be done, for example the About section needs to be rewritten, but a clip from the LadyBug short is up there to see.


It’s not very fancy looking, and Will says he wants to spice it up visually, but what with all our work on important things it’s a low priority right now. It serves its function well enough.

Oh yeah, everyone send positive energy to San Diego today. Will is at Siggraph participating in the FJORG! Animation competition, and his team is the ONLY ONE there doing a 2D piece. He called me this morning with an update as he took an unwinding lap round the convention center. This has made them somewhat of a crowd favorite, but it’ll all come down to the judges in the end. GO WILL AND TEAM!

One thought on “Busy Bee”

  1. the fact that they’re the only ones doing 2D is both fabulous…and so profoundly sad i can’t even give words to the feeling…i’m sure it’ll be great though…this is Will we’re talking about after all!

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