The First was Blue..

Of course it is the day when I decide to wear my shoes with the least traction that we have a freezing rain disaster. I walked out the door to discover the world had been covered in a very thin sheet of ice while I’d slept.

It was somewhat adventurous–trying to find the best courses to the nearest patches of grass to walk on and such–and when I ran out of grass on my trip to the bank, I resorted to walking on bits of slush between the road and the sidewalk and small streams of running water. I often found myself standing, precariously balanced, the start of the grass merely two steps away, but dangerous icy pavement one step away, pondering the best way of moving to avoid an Alison Furlong accident.

It was treacherous and frightening, but I made it to and from the bank and to the theater without falling and killing myself. The icicles forming on the cars as the drove were very pretty.

EDIT: Okay, that’s it, every time I find one of you Centre kids’ journals I end up finding 3 more. So I demand that all of the Centre people that I know that have journals that I don’t know have journals post a comment, so that I know…umm…yeah. That is all.

5 thoughts on “The First was Blue..”

    1. Well, I was thinking more along the lines of slipping on the ice, hitting my head, and laying unconscious until DPS happened by….but, sure, pee counts too ^_^

  1. From Alison Furlong

    Hey, there’s no shame, man.
    It’s a funny story that belongs to me now.
    It wasn’t so funny when it happened. . .
    okay, yes it was.

    love you!

    1. Re: From Alison Furlong

      DPS didn’t “happen by”.
      They were there for the whole thing.
      Ah, Rueben.

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