The Second so Red…

The most important thing I learned from The Company:

Gloss black spraypaint can make anything–from wooden dowels and tubing to the cheapest of plastic children’s toys–look like legitimate and authentic medical equipment.

I’m up in Connecticut having a wonderful recovery period. Granted, my connecting flight out of Detroit was canceled and I had to spend the night up there, but they gave me a room with a jacuzzi, so all was quickly forgiven ^_^

I’ve been spending the time when Carleton is in class sleeping, lazing about, and even doing some artstuffs! I’m trying very hard to think as little as possible about the upcoming spring term. At least winter term came to a nice close, there isn’t going to be anything drastic to do when we start teching the play.

Come see The Yellow Boat!!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Second so Red…”

  1. The Yellow Dart, I mean, Boat

    I’ll be seeing it.
    I’ll have high schoolers in tow, but I expect at least a welcome hug from you.

    rest up!

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