There sailed 3 boats from the harbor…

Last weekend of winter term, one more official day of class, and I am totally beat. I’m having trouble getting motivated this weekend, as there is much to do before it is through.

I’d like to go in today and do some work on Yellow Boat–mainly painting and touch-ups and small bits of work–but the thought of going in on a weekend to work is terribly exhausting for some reason. I’ll have lunch and then muster up the motivation to go in.

In addition, I must clean clean clean for winter break, as well as pack for my trip to see Carleton. There are other things, like filling out and sending in my registration for SETC and cleaning my fishtank (oh, did I mention I have a fish now? Well I do ^_^ ) which need to happen soon as well.

In other news, downstairs in the prop room yesterday and I found ANOTHER abandoned and forgotten Christmas cactus. It was in pretty much the same shape as the last one, so hopefully I can revive it (I’m considering making a sign for props storage that says “NO LIVE PLANTS!!”)