Stomp revisited

I watched Stomp again last night from the catwalk, it was still just as envigorating. The sound collects rather well up in the catwalk, and the view was spectacular. I even went backstage early for the encore, it’s even *more* amazing when they’re 10 feet away. I’m jealous of Squirt, she got to work the show on props (meaning she got to toss them brooms and things onstage if one of theirs should break).

Load-out went well. There is a strange phenomenon concerning roadshow load-outs…whenever Katie Stubblefield and I are in the same proximity, we ALWAYS end up coiling cable. It’s some strange trick of fate. Anyway, I loved the Stomp electricians, they were all very friendly.

The load-out itself went surprisingly fast, and we were out by midnight (usually load-outs don’t end until 1 or 2 in the morning), and yesterday was Midnight Movie night (in which the college kids get to go watch movies at the local theater for free. We decided to be hard core and go, since D Flo hadn’t seen the second Lord of the Rings yet. So, D Flo, Tater, Eric, and myself drove out to the theater as the previews just drew to a close.

The idea didn’t work so well. Three of us had just finished a load-out, so the adrenaline quickly wore off. By the treck to Helmsdeep we were all nodding off. Originally, we were struggling to stay awake for Flora, since he’d never seen it, but even *he* was slipping away. Ultimately, we decided to savor what was left of the day’s strength and went back home.

I can now officially say I’ve seen The Two Towers 2 1/2 times. x_x