Bleh x_x

Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat, an icky stomach, achey wrists, and had to go do furnace stuff. The fates were against me, I’m convinced they were trying to foil my Halo skills for that evening. A video game tournament was thrown together last minute, and Halo was involved, so the Rodes 2 gang was very excited.

It was very fun, all in all. We did suffer some setbacks, with Ken (kenmoore) in Italy and D Flo home for his birthday, we were short some of our best players. Buddah joined us, along with some other dude who’s name I can’t remember but whose handle was “Poo” and was very very good. However, the SAE (E in this case standing for Epsilon) team proved more organized and used to group team play. Even though they won in the end, the games were very close, and I will be excited to tell Ken that we stomped them the first round, with me coming in first above everyone else, even the notorious Grey Munford (I swear, between this and the Student Film Festival, that boy is fast becoming my arch rival). That was before my wrists started going numb, though x_x

Overall, I think it was fun, and I would be happy to have an ongoing Halo battle between the SAEs and Rodes 2 (even though 3 of the 5 members of the Rodes 2 Halo Krew do not actually reside in Rodes 2, and 2 of them aren’t even in Rodes at all).

In other news, Brendan is having a contest on his forums, and everyone should participate, even if they don’t know Brendan. Why? Because it’s a caption contest for a picture of me! Go here and play…