Stomp….and volleyball??

Monday I got a break from the manual labor of building the furnace to instead take part in the manual labor of the prehang for Stomp. I love working in electrics, and I loved having a separate day for hanging the lights. It was much more lightly paced, and I didn’t have to worry about tripping over the carpenters.

I was plotting to sneak up to the catwalk to watch the show, since both nights were sold out before break even started (curse my procrastination). However, a nice girl in my furnace class gave me her ticket, because she was unable to go. It was still as amazing and energizing as when I’d first seen it several years ago with my mother, and I still plan on sneaking up to the catwalk tomorrow night to catch another show ^_^

Of course, tomorrow in the dining hall there’s bound to be a slurry of rhythmic playfulness from table to table. It’s addictive. If anyone *hasn’t* seen Stomp, I highly recommend it.

In other news, we were informed by Steve on Monday morning that our furnace building class was also on a volleyball team (much to our surprise). It seems that Steve suggested the idea of class intramural volleyball for the winter term, and “couldn’t just suggest the idea and not sign up.” At first, we were a little miffed about being “volunteered” to have a team, but that soon wore off.

Our first game was that night, and we won! Sort of…Dr. Miles’ team didn’t accumulate enough players. We played a game for fun, though, and it *was* fun. Surprisingly, too, because I am horrible at volleyball. Next game tomorrow night! Then the load out for Stomp. A busy week already.