Sleepy woes

Yesterday I made a major purchase.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping ever since I moved here. Even when I fall asleep, I feel like it’s very light. I’m not sure what the deal is.

Also, there are some studies pointing to sleep disorders and fibromyalgia being linked, so perhaps this is the cause of my mysterious symptom increases in spite of my taking medicine every day? Who can say?

Regardless, yesterday I bought a memory foam mattress pad and a super official tempurpedic pillow. I figure that, even if they don’t actually work, perhaps they’ll at least have a placebo effect. We shall see!

2 thoughts on “Sleepy woes”

  1. We got ourselves a Tempurpedic last year and it has been absolutely amazing. The only bad thing is we get so spoiled with our home mattress now, when we stay anywhere else (like Mike’s parents, or hotels, etc) it just isn’t the same!

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