Goodbye Purple Rocket, Hello Purple Rocket II

So, our BVW round 1 presentations were today (they went really well, and several ETC alums were there as guests to give feedback. They all work on Spore, neat!) so this is one of the few moments where I have a small break. Like, literally moments, round 2 has already started.

Anyway, I spent my celebratory time on WoW finishing the most important part of the game ever. That’s right kids, getting my Netherdrake!

“So, um, you wanna be my new mount?”

In celebration of this happy occasion, I took an Outland tour and took a bunch of screenshots of me and Purple Rocket enjoying the scenery. Those of you WoWers are probably sick of looking at netherdrakes, but I DON’T CARE! This was a happy occasion for me!

So yes, I am going to make you look at 14 screenshots. Go!

Ah, Nagrand, the prettiest place in the game!

Purple Rocket says, “What’s up with all these mushrooms?”

Netherdrakes are too clever to get themselves impaled.


Too bad I can’t take it to Azeroth. It’s probably for the best, though, think how many screenshots THAT would be!

Wertle says, “Hey, let’s go in there.” Purple Rocket says, “Noooooo.”

I always loved Terrokar Forest

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  1. Won’t be able to take them to Azeroth, at least not for awhile… buuuuuuuuuuuut eventually you’ll be able to fly them in Northrend supposedly… which is sorta part of Azeroth I suppose… maybe someday they’ll finally rework the terrain so it’s flyable in the old world too without crazy looking blank spots and unfinished zones.

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