Perdido Street Station

So, in an effort to acquire new fiction for my mind to devour, I checked out Perdido Street Station by China Miéville, as recommended by Drew on my LA visit.

The story world is a brilliant sort of non-Tolkien-derived fantasy, complete with science-magic, math-magic (Scott, you would like it), and a splash of steam punk for good measure. It is gripping, exciting, and in the end, rather rough. I just finished it tonight and feel shaken and slightly ill-at-ease, but in the good way that happens from immersive books.

My brain feels refreshed and newly hungry, after going quite awhile re-reading stories that I’d known already. Fortunately for me, there’s more to the series.

I have to sit for awhile, though, and digest and ponder what I’ve read before I subject myself to another. Back to the library with it!

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