Experimental Dinner

Sometimes I throw together complete experiments for dinner, and sometimes they turn out really well! This week I had some leftover ground pork from making nikuman, and so threw this recipe together for pork burgers. It turned out to be DELICIOUS.

– ground pork… half poundish?
– small onion, finely chopped
– clove of garlic, finely chopped
– dash of rice vinegar
– dash of soy sauce
– bread crumbs (like, super fine crumbs, as in “throw a hunk of stale bread in a blender and puree it into dust” fine)
– a kaiser roll to use as the bun

1) Mix everything together and make patties
2) Grill them
3) Serve on bun


2 thoughts on “Experimental Dinner”

  1. I already know the meat, its the part that makes the patty good,
    I don’t know what makes the patty good, but that’s the way the dinner ends.

    It’s in my experimental meal, which nobody knows about and which,
    I’m still figuring out the patty good, in my experimental meal!

    YEAH! You’re all gonna eat of my experimental meal,
    And even though i can’t explain it,
    I already know how great it is!

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