I noticed a weird thing that my brain did the other day…

I was at the animal shelter, and went into one of the cat colony rooms to work on cat socialization (read: petting and snuggling). The cat colony rooms are setup to be like a living room of sorts: a couch, coffee table, some tables, and an abundance of cat trees and toys and hidey holes. This is where they keep cats who enjoy being around other cats.

Anyway, as I sat down to join one of the cats lounging on the couch, I noticed my brain processing information in a particular way, and I found it rather interesting.

When I looked at the cat, I realized “that cat has three legs.” But, I noticed that it took me until I sat down beside him for several moments before I’d registered *which* of the three legs he was missing.

I find this kind of bizarre. It wasn’t as though I thought “there is something different about that cat” and then after a bit of observation noticed he was missing a leg. No, my brain processed the fact of his three-leggedness all in one go, but it took extra time to notice the specific of which leg was missing. I recall that I even spent several moments looking at his hind legs to find the missing leg before seeing that it was one of his forelegs.

Is this not a strange ability? Maybe it is similar to reading – how I tend to process text in big chunks at a time before actually seeing their individual components.

Or maybe I just think too much.

As an aside, the three-legged cat was very friendly and snuggly and seemed perfectly at home with only having three legs.

2 thoughts on “Brainz!”

  1. Well… I’ve heard of not seeing the forest for the trees, but here I think you’ve got it reversed. lol

    Meanwhile, friendly and snuggly kitties are wonderful things. ^_^

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