Have you ever had to make up your mind?

I have a big decision to make, so let’s make it.

The situation:
I am currently listed as an art major and computer science minor. My plans up to this point have been to go on and double major in both, since I can get in the comp sci classes okay. Well, I could’ve, until Dr. Bitensky decided to try and put together a winter term trip to Morocco…

The decision
Do I go ahead and get my comp sci major, or do i settle for a minor and study abroad in Morocco for the short winter term next year?

The gut responses
-mmm…but a comp sci major would help for my future career
-I might be going to Germany next year, would that be too much abroad time?
-would I disappoint my parents or would they be all for me adventuring off?

The cold hard facts
-Bitensky needs at least 25 students to express interest in the trip before he can get it okayed
-the trip will cost me $2800
-I’ve already been abroad once in my college career so far
-I will have no trouble finishing my art major, it’s practically finished already, but I need to take comp sci every term from here on out to get a major.
-missing the winter term next year would not affect my ability to get my comp sci minor

The pluses and minuses
-It’s Morocco. How many other times in my life am I going to get to go to Morocco?
-I would be missing my major by like one class. Having two majors definately would’ve been an advantage

Other possibilities
-this may not even be an issue, he could not get enough interest and the trip could never happen
-hey, there’s always that 5th year senior option ^_^
-maybe I could talk to my professors and arrange something where I could pull both off!

Current Actions
-I need to talk to my parents about this, i’ve already emailed my brother to ask his opinion.
-I need to talk to my comp sci professor, because those will be the missed classes concerned
-I’ll talk to Sheldon, because Sheldon can fix anything (yay Sheldon!)
-I’ll ask for input, from YOU GUYS!!

The decision is looking in favor of Morocco, but that may be because I’m still experiencing some residual excitement and day dreaming about the idea. So, what say you?

5 thoughts on “Have you ever had to make up your mind?”

  1. Giving more factors for the decision

    Well my suggestion would be trying to find out, what exactly is going on in Morocco, like what are the main ethnic groups, languages, religions, accepted customs, etc. in the part of Morocco you’re visiting and/or Morocco at all.
    However, if you are isolated from the local social environment during your time there, you probably wouldn’t need those informations.
    Anywho, why not inform yourself at a Morrocan embassy?
    Maybe it helps on your decision maybe it doesn’t.


  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one looking to go to Morocco for study abroad.

    Myself, I’m spending next summer learning Arabic and various Middle Eastern studies. (Not to mention brushing up on my French and getting cozy with the Arabic teacher from Morocco that will hopefully be staying in our home!) KCTCS is working on getting grants to fully sponsor Middle Eastern academic studies (including the first two semesters of Arabic, the other two are taught by distance learning). After that, possibly full-scholarship-type summer abroad in Morocco the summer after this coming one. Providing they get the grant — and there’s a good chance.

    Morocco is actually my dream to live in, for awhile. If you don’t go to study abroad, go some other time. I recommend trying to go to study abroad, just in case it doesn’t fit into your life at any other point.

  3. Thanks for the input everyone! I have many new things to think about.

    As for me being able to go to Morocco later in life, while this may be true, I doubt I could obtain the same experience. Going to Morocco as a vacation is different than going to Morocco to study, and knowing where to go or what to see for that matter.

    The class itself is music based, and we’d get to travel about and do workshops with Sufi drummers and trance dancers, visit several villages, and camp in the desert with the Rokba
    Tagmount Dance masters of the Sahara, among many other things. It would definately be a worthwhile cultural experience.

    But I’m still making the decision, and now have new input to process, thanks very much everyone!

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