The moral of today’s story is..

Today I learned several things..

1) Regardless of how miserable and rainy the day is, if you refuse to refer to it as a “bad day” and instead just call it a “wet day”, it gets better quickly.

2) the 3×4 ft panel I’m making for this year’s extended figure study is a helluva lot bigger than the 2×3 ft one I did last year, and it’s intimidating me. This will be the biggest painting I’ve ever done.

3) Tony II, of England adventure fame, said that I am “the deepest of the bunch” and that I have “a lot of interesting things rattling around up there (points to head).” Tony is wise and a good mentor, it flatters me that he has so much faith in me.

4) The days go by quickly, so you must milk them for all they’re worth. Every day, even the bad ones, even the dull ones. Make it the best time of your life each moment.

I’m going home for the weekend, I miss my cats.

4 thoughts on “The moral of today’s story is..”

  1. I like painting large. The largest painting I did was 4’x4′. I usually paint on masonite, so I buy whatever default sizes it comes in. Explains why lots of my paintings are 4’x2′. ^_^

    1. Yeah, this one is masonite also. I really like masonite (because canvas stretcher bars are more complicated to build ¬_¬). I was worried that I would have to walk to the hardware store to buy the panel and the boards to brace it, and then walk back in the pouring rain. But a kind art student with an SUV made my day better ^_^

      It’s a little local hardware store and is used to art students from the college, so they’re extremely helpful about cutting down masonite panels and helping us find stuff.

      I’d love to see some of your paintings in person, star! It’s so hard to capture a painting for internet view

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