The 48 of us first year ETC students are becoming quite close (spending most of our waking hours together in a room of 48 computers), and we’ve started to reinforce those bonds in the most primal of human ways: sharing food!

It took me several years to refine my ability to cook for one person, and now I’m finding the desire to cook in bulk. It started when I brought in a pot of ratatouille to share (which was swiftly devoured by first years, second years, and faculty members alike).

My roommate, Kelsey, also cooks, and proposed that we have a food party. On Saturday, seven ETCers came over to our house to cook large meals in bulk. We then split the dishes out amongst ourselves, packing them away in tupperware so that we’d all have food for the week (and would be able to eat something different every day!) It was a fantastic success! We all had good fun cooking together, and we even made cookies and cake to bring back to the ETC for those who did not join us in the food frenzy (again, these items were swiftly devoured).

I’m hoping this is something we’ll do every couple of weeks. It’s a great opportunity to share food and recipes, and of course keep one’s meals stocked for the week.