In July, Brendan and Maria are going to Comic-con, and Brendan thought it would be a good fun idea to make a comic compilation with me, Will and Stephen. (phew! lotta links)

Anyway, upon realizing that we are all terrible procrastinators, we realized the only way this could possibly get done was to have an all-day comic-drawing-athon. It was really fun, and productive (in spite of occasional video game and food breaks), as I went in with only one idea–that I wanted to use my old character, Samurai Virus–and came out with new characters, a story idea, and good 5 pages of rough sketchiness. Of course I’ll upload it when it has been completed, but I’m warning you right now, A PUPPY DIES ON THE FIRST PAGE.

*ahem* Yes, so, good productive drawing fun. Goals for next week include: cleaning this mess I’ve made from puppet building, finishing my Fish painting, starting a new small painting of a dragon, and of course working more on this comic.

2 thoughts on “Comicathon”

  1. Just for the record, Stephen and Will are going to. As is my friend Monica.

    Thanks a lot for coming over–it was a pretty great day.

    1. Ohh, I didn’t know Will was going too. Fun times!

      If you have any money left you guys should come to Conglomeration, since, you know, it’s here in Louisville and only $25 registration.

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