Buildin a puppet for fun

I have now constructed a dragon puppet head that opens its mouth and blinks. I am in the process of building flapping wings for its body. I would take pictures, but it looks like a mutilated cyborg right now, due to being mostly upholstery foam, wood, fishing wire, coathangers, and electrical tape (don’t worry, I’ll take a photo once I get his head all prettied up).

It’s ended up being a lot bigger than I was planning on, but that’s okay. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by Conglomeration, so I can carry it about and have it steal baby carrots from the Con Suite. Woo!

In other news, the squirrels have realized that my cats can’t get them through the window, so they have taken to running right up to the window sill and teasing my cats on the other side, saying things like “Oh oh, lookit me! You could totally swipe me if that glass weren’t there, but it IS, and you CAN’T. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!” Silly squirrels.

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          1. Ah. There was a Ken Moore at my GSP. You don’t happen to know an Asian girl named Cheryl who went there in ’98, do you? She goes to UK now.

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