It’s Late, I’m thinking

Tonight on the ride home from Kempo, James (one of my instructors) and I were talking about Carleton, and how we met and started dating, when James broke out in a fit of laughter. When probed upon the reasoning behind his laughing, he told me that I should write a book called “Lisa Brown’s Guide to Getting What you Want Exactly when you Want It” and that it would start out with “I, Lisa Brown, who is of sound mind and sound body do swear this is true. One day, I decided that I wanted to get good grades, so I did. One day, I met a boy. Sometime later I decided I wanted to date this boy, so I did.” and so on.

We laughed at the jest, but it made me think about my amazing strokes of good luck that I have experienced thus far in my life. I’ve always had good experiences at school, I was really distracted during high school so I totally missed out on the general hardships that befall most teenagers, my parents made sacrifice after sacrifice to send me to an awesome college where I had a wonderful experience, after several years of searching I acquired a new and wonderful best friend, decided to date him, and thus acquired a wonderfully awesome significant other, got a job after college in a field that I love. Yeah, amazing good luck.

Not to say there haven’t been rough times, there have been many. Brendan can attest to many a time comforting me as I lay on his couch in the dead of the night crying for seemingly no reason. Dave, Ken, D Flo, everyone has helped me through some minor tragedy in my life, but I got through them and learned from them and all that. A spoonful of resilience and a default positive outlook go a long way, I guess.

But, on the whole, things have definitely been awesome. I have invaluable friends, a wonderful family, the right boyfriend, and for all this stuff I am infinitely, infinitely grateful. These are things that I never want to take for granted ever, because I know how precious they are and how lucky I have been. I just wish I could share it with everybody.

For the next chapter in my book: “One day, Lisa decided she would go to Japan to visit her friend, Andrew. The next summer, she did.” *starts budgeting*

2 thoughts on “It’s Late, I’m thinking”

  1. It’s situations like this that help you figure out what luck stat you were given at birth…
    😉 Kidding, largely. It’s not a coincidence that good luck follows those with skill, perseverance, and endurance.

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